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Have you noticed that more times then not, on any receipt you get, regardless from where it's from, it has a survey at the bottom of it? It's generally a link to go to a website to complete their online survey. to provide them with your customer feedback. These usually include an incentive such as if you complete the survey, you are entered in a draw, receive a percentage off or perhaps buy one get one free. All we need to do is complete their quick online survey.

Why are we seeing this so often now? This is because surveys are a great way to collect information. Multiple choice surveys are easy to create for you and quick to complete for your customers.. These can be used for any type of information that you need to collect, especially if needing to analyze facts or opinions. ClassMarker offers the best solution for you to create a survey online.

Hearing the word ‘survey’ will mean something different to each person. Someone may immediately think of a customer feedback survey or a paid survey you do online. Perhaps you will be reminded of that 200 question survey that never seemed to end or some silly survey that you feel you didn’t get anything out of. Depending on what type of surveys you have taken, you may cringe when hearing the word ‘survey’ or be excited to see what the offer is at the end.

The fact is though, if you create a create a multiple choice survey online, for the right purpose and ask the right questions, you will be provided with the exact information you require. This, giving online surveys a very important role in any business. These multiple choice online surveys can be very beneficial for collecting and analyzing the data you require. This data may be the key to opening new directions for your website or business while giving you insight to what keeps bringing people back.

Multiple choice questions are the most popular question type used and are great for creating surveys. Unless of course you have 200 questions in your survey. At ClassMarker, we call that a test! It's a good idea to keep your surveys short and to the point, only adding questions that you want answers to. This will give you the correct information and keep your customers in the survey, not wanting to just leave it unfinished. This of course will defeat the purpose of giving the survey!

If you add great content and questions, the survey will not feel like a formal test or something tedious for the user to go through. With a fully customizable online survey tool that ClassMarker offers, you can create your surveys to be pleasing for both you and your customers. You will get the data you need and your customers will be taking a survey that they will enjoy doing. If your online survey is fun and memorable it may get people talking about it and draw more traffic to your business or website.

Surveys can be used for multiple reasons:
  • Feedback on a product
  • Feedback on services you have offered
  • Employee Feedback
  • Product Knowledge
  • Research
  • Marketing Research

The one drawback however, is if users have a suggestion or comment on something, multiple choice questions do not provide them with the option to express these comments or suggestions. During the survey, a user may be answering a question that triggers something else that they want to know or ask or have an opinion about. A suggestion for this, is to create open ended survey questions (also known as an essay question) at the end of your survey where users can enter any suggestions or feedback they wish to send in as well. These can also be added at different points throughout your survey as needed.

With ClassMarker, you can create online surveys that will allow you to ask for email addresses and "extra" information questions. These questions can be used to ask for any additional information that you would like to capture but not include in your survey. This can be demographic or perhaps what brought them to your site., all of which is vital when collecting information for lead generation. You may also choose to leave your surveys totally anonymous by requiring none of that information. Sometimes the most important information you need is only the answers to the questions you have created within your survey.

Once the results are in, you can then analyze that data. as you choose. With ClassMarker being an online platform you also have the ability to have results sent right to your email address so you can see how your multiple choice surveys are doing wherever you happen to be.

To create multiple choice surveys with ClassMarker, check out some of the following features that will assist you in creating your surveys:
  • Multiple choice questions with either a single response or multiple response answers
  • Option to add images, audio, documents and video to your multiple choice survey questions
  • Advanced statistics that you can export once the answers are in - these include any details you have asked for, extra information questions and all answers your users have given
  • Branded with your company logos to ensure your surveys look professional and match that of your organization
  • The ability to share your surveys where you choose to - in emails, on social media sites, blogs, online articles. Even embed surveys into websites
  • Have the survey results sent to your email and additional emails for where you wish these results to go to. The results will be sent immediately upon completion by your users
  • Multiple settings that you can apply for how your survey is given
  • Create fully customized certificates and use these as coupons or vouchers to say thank you for completing your survey

...Along with many other options for you, to create a fully customized multiple choice survey online!

See for yourself how easy it is to create your own online surveys by registering with ClassMarker today. We do offer a 30 day trial with all features included. No strings attached!

Happy Testing!

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