Creating Exams for the Skilled Trades Industry

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The Skilled Trades Industry can be a very dangerous field, where workers or apprentices with little or no experience could find themselves in dangerous positions rather quickly. No one wants to see their fellow workers or employees injured or even worse. Having these workers trained and tested in the most effective way is key to keeping all workers safe and getting the job done.

ClassMarker offers an advanced online testing system where exams can be taken anywhere, any time and on any device. Whether it be a home pc, smartphone, tablet, laptop etc. There are no downloads to worry about which makes testing workers within the skilled trades industry, whether they be on-site or away on remote jobs a very easy process.

Access Skilled Trades Test Results Anywhere
Travelling between job sites? Not only can you log in anywhere to access your skilled workers test results, but you can also have test results delivered right to your email on your phone. Easily send all forepersons in the field their employee's results.

With ClassMarker, you can test all employees in a variety of categories, such as basic hand tool safety, fall arrest, work place hazardous materials testing, MSDS, propane in construction, forklift safety and so on.

Analysing Skilled Trades Test Results
See how your new workers have progressed by analyzing test statistics, even view single question results to see an overall view of which questions your workers find most difficult / easy. This is great for determining which areas your workers may require more training on. View results and test scores in real time, making the testing of new hires a quick and efficient process.

Skilled Trades Certificates
Wanting to provide custom certificates? ClassMarker can do this automatically for you by allowing your
test-takers to download their own certificate upon test completion or you have the option to have the certificates handed out later, your choice.

Skilled Trades Promotion Examinations
Everyone loves to be promoted but how do you know this person is qualified for the position? Simply create tests to determine each level of an employee's training and qualifications, be it electrical, mechanical, HVAC , plumbing, gas fitters, carpentry, drywall, flooring.

Skilled Trades Refresher Exams
Within many industries, there are certain tests that need to be taken on a yearly
basis so workers don't become complacent in their field - have your members/employees take their refresher tests with ClassMarker on a regular basis.

Affordable testing solution
ClassMarker is a cost effective, fully customisable online testing solution. Question types include multiple choice, multiple choice with multiple response answers, essay, true/false, free text, fill in the blank and more and as well the option for adding your own media such as images, videos and documents into your questions.

Reference Material
Do you need your workers to reference certain material before or as they do their test? We offer this as well - you can upload your documents into what we call the "Test Introduction" section which will show to test-takers prior to the test. This will show as a link to your workers which will open in a new window so not to disrupt the test and they can reference this while taking the test if need be.

Keep your worker's training up to date with ClassMarker's online assessment tool.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer support team, available 7 days a week.

Happy Testing!

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