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Retest users until a pass mark is achieved.

ClassMarker provides a simple online testing solution to help ensure your users fully understand the subject matter at hand. Use the system to create an online assessment that can be re-taken as many times as required until the user achieves a pass grade.

  1. Create your test
  2. Then at the click of a button make your tests available for potential new employees.
  3. Assign your test to a registered user group or direct link (to give access)
  4. Analyze results

When you assign a test you can define a number of different settings. These range from when the test is available for users to take (choose from 'on' or 'off' or define a time/date range), how long the user has to complete the test, if you would like to display feedback to the user on the answers they have chosen, plus many more.

There are a couple of assign-settings that enable you to create a situation where users are re-tested until they achieve a pass grade. The settings for this online testing environment are:

  • How many attempts are allowed (set to unlimited for this scenario).
  • Set a 'return-link' once users have completed the test.

The 'return-link' can be different depending on if the user passes or fails the test. If a user does not achieve a pass grade the 'fail return link' can simply be the direct link for the test - this way the user is redirected back to the beginning of the test to start again. This loop can continue until the user has passed the test at which time they are provided with a 'pass return link' - a link of your choice (for example, back to your organization website).

Once you've set this online testing environment up you won't need to do anything further - all the work involved with grading and resetting tests is taken care of by ClassMarker.

Register here and start giving online exams today.

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