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How To Sell Your Quizzes And Exams Online

Mon 19th May 2014< Back to Blogs and Tutorials

With the future of Education moving online, the ability to easily sell access to exams for Businesses and Educators is becoming increasingly important.

Sell exams online
The issue has always been how to give a user instant access to their exam after they make their online payment. Previously students had to first make their payment, then wait for an administrator to send them the test login details, which in some cases can be days considering most people, unlike the Internet, prefer not to work on weekends and holidays.

ClassMarker has not only come up with the best solution for selling access to online quizzes and exams, but also allows exam administrators to receive payments instantly upon each online exam purchase.

Step by Step How to Charge for Exams:
  1. Create your test/s in ClassMarker
  2. Assign your test/s to Links (View available Exam settings)
  3. Set a price to sell your quiz access online
  4. Set how many attempts users are allowed
  5. Optionally, create a custom Certificate and a custom Payment Receipt for downloading
  6. Create a Theme to brand your exam and remove ClassMarker references
  7. Optionally embed exams directly in your website

Now your online exam is ready to be given, all you need to do is send your users the unique link to start the exam or embed the exam within your website and let ClassMarker take care of the rest.

After users finish their test, they can download their custom Certificate and Payment Receipt.

Quiz Certificates can be customized with your Logo and Branding and include the Test takers Name, Score, date and more details. Learn about Creating Custom online quiz certificates

Payment Receipts can also be customized with your Logo and Address and include important Tax information applicable to your Tax laws if required.

As standard with ClassMarker:
  • Administrators can review all test results instantly in ClassMarker.
  • Test takers can review their results Instantly (if allowed by Administrators)
  • Our Quiz maker API can be used to retrieve results back to your system in real time
Find out How to add online exams to your online courses or website.

Register here and start giving online exams today.

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