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Matching type questions have arrived!

ClassMarker offers a variety of question types to assist with creating your online exams, such as multiple choice, multiple response, true/false, free text (short answer), punctuation (grammar) and essay (long answer), and our newest addition - matching questions.

ClassMarker Quiz Maker

With ClassMarker's online Quiz Tool, we have implemented our matching questions to enable you to not only add text, but to also embed images and multimedia, such as audio and video, to both the left and right sides of the match. This provides the flexibility to be even more inventive when creating matching question types in online quizzes.

Make your matching type questions as easy or as hard as you want them to be by adding additional 'incorrect' matches. Having more selections to choose from will decrease the test-taker's ability to guess what the match may be, thus making the questions more difficult.

ClassMarker Quiz Maker

With matching type questions, your test-takers will easily be able to select their matches from the drop-downs.

ClassMarker Quiz Maker

For your convenience, the question text field is pre-filled with the text "Match the options below". You can, of course, change this to anything you like!

ClassMarker Quiz Maker

When entering matches, choose to add different answer options for each match or choose from matches you have already created.

ClassMarker's Quiz Maker with matching questions can also do the shuffle!

Our matching type questions include three different shuffle modes:

1. Shuffle Matches Only.
2. Shuffle Clues Only.
3. Shuffle Clues and Matches.

Our matching question quiz template also includes the option to provide different scoring options:

1. Assign a point value per question.
2. Assign a different point value per each match in a question.
3. When selecting to assign the same point value per each match in a question, set all points at once instead of having to make each match one at a time.

Just as with all of our question types (except essay which are graded manually and automatically recalculated), matching questions are graded automatically providing instant graded results for users to review on-screen or using ClassMarker's Quiz Maker email results feature, you can have the results sent with only what you choose to display.

To view all of the possibilities that our matching question template offers, try out ClassMarker's online matching Quiz Maker today and see for yourself why we are the number 1 choice for Businesses and Educators worldwide, since 2006.

Happy Testing!

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