HOW TO - Use Coupon Codes when Charging for Exams

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When selling exams, there may be times you wish to provide a discount. You may want to continue having the full price set but offer a discount to specific users. With ClassMarker, you can achieve this by creating quiz discount codes.

How to create coupon codes when selling Tests:
  1. Create your Test.
  2. To sell quizzes online with promo codes, assign the Test to a link and set the Price you will charge in the settings. This is your standard link most people will use to access your Test.
  3. Now, create a second link, by assigning the same Test a second time to a new link.
  4. For the newly assigned Link, Set no charge, or charge a different price as you require.
  5. Create an Access List from the settings page. Add your unique coupon codes in the Access list.
  6. Now only users with a Coupon code can access the exam via the second link.

Now you can give the second link and a coupon code to the users who you want to give the discount to.

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Learn more here: How To Create Coupon Codes using our Access Lists.

Note: Your Access list Question could be: Enter your coupon code. (The Access List question is customizable so this can be anything you choose.)

You can continue to add new coupon codes to your Access list at any time.

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Lastly, If you want to link to the exam from your website, you can add both links and ask users with a coupon code to use the second Link.

Great News! Later this year (we do not have any confirmed dates as yet), we will be building in both a coupon code option, so you only need to use one Link to give your exams with or without coupon codes, as well as the option to Charge for multiple exams at once.

Begin today and see just how easy it is to create and sell online exams.

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Happy Testing!

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