How Do I Make My Quiz More Secure?

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When giving quizzes online, you want to be sure that you are only giving these to those who the quizzes are intended for. You also want to be sure that the information in your Tests, quizzes, exams, surveys, and assessments are not being shared among other users.

It is a must when giving quizzes online, to use a secure online quiz maker, that not only keeps your data within your account secure and private but gives you security and privacy options when giving Tests to your users.

Let's take a look at a a few of the ways to make your quizzes secure and private
with ClassMarker.

These options will help to prevent cheating on your exams, restrict Test access to only those who should be taking them and limit the number of attempts you set on your quizzes.

Set a timer

Creating a quiz with a timer deters users from taking time away from the Test to do things such as search for answers outside of the Test or leave the Test for other reasons.
  1. Go to the Test 'Settings' page
  2. Click Time Limit under the section Taking Test
  3. Set timer by entering the number of minutes
  4. Click Save Changes at bottom of page

Randomize Answers

Using quiz settings to randomize quiz answers will always make certain that each time the Test is given, the answers for these questions will be in a differnt order.

This will give a new order of answers to each new student and as well a new order of answers to students taking additional attempts.. Randomizing answers makes it more difficult for students to 'remember the answers' they had previously selected and more challenging to share those answers.
  1. Matching Questions: Check Shuffle Matches, Shuffle Clues or Shuffle Matches and Clues on the question 'edit' page.
  2. Multiple Choice Questions: Check Yes under Randomize Answers on the question 'edit' page.

To select/deselect 'Randomize Answers' for all questions in a quiz at once:
  1. On the Test 'edit' page, go to Actions
  2. Select Edit Question Settings
  3. Click Randomize which will display a drop-down for you to choose your selection.(Note: Using this selection to change all answers in a Test will also change these same questions anywhere else they are located).

Use Randomly Selected Questions

Using a random set of quiz questions will provide Test-takers with a different set of questions each time the exam is taken.

This will give a new set of questions to each new Test-taker and as well a new set of questions to Test-takers taking additional attempts.

Choose to select a total number of questions from selected categories, or choose a specific number of questions per category to pull questions from at random.

You can mix up your quiz with both random and fixed questions.
  1. On the Test 'edit', go to + Add Question
  2. Click Add Random Questions

If you are giving the same Test year after year as a refresher, this is a great option to use to ensure users are getting the same content each time but not the exact same questions over and over again.

Don't Display Quiz Graded Questions

You choose what displays on employee/student results pages. In order to make your exams more secure, don't display quiz graded questions and answers, or you can choose to send results only after all users have taken the Test.
  1. On the Test 'settings' page, go to section Test Completion'
  2. Click on Results Page which will expand to open up options.
  3. Beside 'Questions', leave Graded Questions; Reveal correct answers, Display incorrectly answered questions only' unchecked. Those taking your quizzes will not see any questions or answers upon Test completion.

If you want to email quiz results to your students, under the same section 'Test Completion', open up 'Email Results' and choose the options for what you want users to see when receiving the results via email. There is an option to choose a specific date for when results are emailed to students, just in case you would like to share the questions/answers with your employees and students after all users have taken the Test.

Limiting the Number of Quiz Attempts

You can limit the number of quiz attempts to ensure those taking Tests are only able to take it to the maximum number of times that you set.

With ClassMarker, you can restrict quiz attempts to enable users to take all attempts given if they choose or you can restrict quiz attempts after passing which means if a user passes prior to all attempts given, they will have no further attempts. If they do not pass, they will be allowed up to the maximum number of attempts set.
  1. On the Test 'settings' page, go to section 'Test Access'
  2. Click on Attempts Restrictions which will expand to open up options.
  3. Choose number of attempts per individual user.

If using 'Restrict quiz attempts after passing', select your options once selecting your quiz access control list from the drop-down in this same section 'Attempts Restrictions'.

Disable Quiz Copy Paste Print

ClassMarker offers the options within your settings to disable quiz copy paste print on your Tests and Results pages.

Disabling copy and paste will aid in stopping users from copying and pasting questions during the Test to search for answers or share with others taking their Tests. Enabling this setting with the timer is fantastic because users will not have the time to go back and forth typing then searching.

Disabling printing will also help with not allowing users to print the Test pages.
  1. On the Test 'settings' page, go to section Test Completion'
  2. Click on Printing Copy Paste which will expand to open up options.
  3. Make sure to uncheck 'Allow Printing, Allow Highlight & Copy Text, Allow Pasting Text'

Sell Online Quizzes

To secure your quizzes, you can also sell online quizzes.

When you sell a Test with ClassMarker, this will ensure only users who had paid for your Test can take your Test and to the number of times you have set per user.
  1. On the Test 'settings' page, go to section Test Access'
  2. Click on Price which will expand to open up options.
  3. Check Set a price to take this Test beside Charge
  4. Select 'charge for Tests' options such as 'Price, How Receipts Display, Organization Details'and more.

Once you apply your setting to charge for your exam, you do not have to do anything else. It's an automated process from the user paying for the Test to taking it. You are paid immediately.

Did you know? You can check Tests in progress from the results pages. This will enable you to view all answers given up to that point. You can also end a Test in progress immediately by clicking on 'Finish' on that user's individual results page.

Other options include how to give online proctored exams, not allowing Test-takers to go back to previous Test pages, different options for how you assign your Tests - with password protected Test taker accounts or Tests assigned via Links with access restriction options.

There are several other options that ClassMarker's secure and private quiz maker offers that are applied automatically in the background and then options you can choose for further security and protection. If you would like to know more, please reach out to our Customer Support team via our Contact Us page for additional information on ways to prevent cheating and for keeping your Tests secure online.

Register Here and start using ClassMarker's best online quiz maker for giving all of your Tests, assessments, surverys, questionaires, quizzes and exams!

Happy Testing!

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