How to Create Online Quiz in WordPress

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Previously, we had talked about how to make your own online Quiz for Google Sites. Well, it's just as easy with ClassMarker to create online quizzes for WordPress.

When creating online Quizzes for WordPress, you would use ClassMarker's Links option to assign the Quiz.

Did you know that when using Links, you can assign the same Test to multiple Links. This is great if you need to give the same Test to different departments for example, but you need to keep results separate for each department.

As well, with each Link you assign, you can apply different Test settings to each of these Links.

For example; if you are selling Quizzes created using ClassMarker's 'charge for Tests' option, you can set up one Link as a 'free' or discounted Quiz for certain users. You can then assign a second Link and set this one as full price. No need to create a second Test! Just simply assign it again.

Using Links will enable Quizzes to be taken via a Link that can be provided to Test-takers via an email address, a direct Link that you can copy and paste into a web page or you can embed your Quizzes right into your website using the automatically generated iFrame code that ClassMarker's online Quiz Making Tool provides you.

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3!
  1. Create your Test
  2. Assign it to a Link
  3. Copy and paste the provided Link code into your WordPress site

The code provided to Embed Quizzes in WordPress is an iFrame HTML code. All you need to do is search for your favorite iFrame plugin.

Some benefits of having your ClassMarker Quizzes embedded into Wordpress are:
  1. Only your domain name is displayed. The ClassMarker URL is hidden when Tests are embedded
  2. Your Test-takers remain on your WordPress site
  3. Your Quizzes will maintain the look and feel of the rest of your website when using ClassMarker's Themes option to create branded online Exams

ClassMarker is the best online Quiz Maker for creating your professional customized online exams.

Happy Testing!

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