How to Create Online Quiz for Google Sites

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You can easily Create and Embed online exam in Google sites and have results graded instantly using

With ClassMarker, there are two ways to assign Tests, via Groups or Links.

Groups allow for Test-takers to be registered and provided with an account where they would access their Tests and see previous Tests/results.

Links allow for Quizzes to be given via a link that can be sent to an email address, a direct link that can be pasted into a web page or a link that you can embed into your website. Users taking Quizzes via this method are considered to be non-registered.

While both options have their benefits, Links will provide you with the option to add your Quizzes directly into your web pages. This would be the option you would choose if you were to Create online Quizzes for Google Sites.

ClassMarker allows for easy embedding of your Quizzes. If you can copy and paste, you can embed a ClassMarker Test into your Google Site.

Once you have used ClassMarker's Quiz Maker Tool to create your Tests, you would assign these via a Link. You would simply copy the embed code we provide you which is created instantly for you and paste this into your Google Site.

No background in web development is required. No need to get your IT Department to figure it all out.

Here are the steps for using best quiz maker to Create a quiz for Google Sites.

1. Create your Quiz
2. Assign Quiz to a Link in ClassMarker
3. Copy Embed code
4. Paste code into your Google Site.

Embedding Quizzes into Google Sites will hide the ClassMarker URL, then only displaying your domain name. Do this, along with using ClassMarker's white label quiz maker option for further customization to give your Quizzes that polished and professional look that will match the rest of your Google Site.

ClassMarker's feature rich online Quiz Maker is the number 1 choice for your Professional Testing Requirements.

Detailed Step by Step instructions
How to Embed Online Quizzes in Google Sites

Happy Testing!

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