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Export all Test results for a specific Group or Link, or select the data you want to export with filters such as, Dates, Status and Score, Duration and more. Export detailed test results with all selected answers. ClassMarker also offers the option for exporting exam results across multiple groups or links at one time. Click to see How to Export Results with ClassMarker.

How to Export All Quiz Results
  1. From your Dashboard, click on Export under the heading Groups or Links.
  2. Under Groups/Links, select 'All' to export all results or select only those that apply.
  3. To Sort Users , choose 'By User' or 'By Test'
  4. Select Simple or Advanced to specify the date range
  5. Choose Date Format
  6. Export

Note: You can choose to export Test results for multiple tests across multiple groups or links, via .csv or .xls

Let's go over a few of the settings above, when exporting quiz results for all or multiple Links/Groups at one time.

Simple or Advanced

With Simple:

You can choose from the drop-down to filter results taken within the last week up to results taken in the last 52 weeks or even all results taken.

With Advanced:

You can set the specific date/times to pull results for.

You can also choose to Sort Results by User or By Test.

When you export these results, you will see the export showing details on each row, such as:
  • first name
  • last name
  • email (if provided)
  • Test name
  • Group or Link name that the Test is assigned under
  • points received
  • points available
  • minutes, seconds, date started, date finished
  • Test status (in progress, completed, requires grading)

Exporting Exam Results per Group or Link

Choose to export all Test results for a specific group or link or select which results to export by using the exporting filters.

How to Export Test Results per Group or Link:
  1. From your Tests pages, click on Test name to expand its row
  2. Click Results
  3. From the Actions button, choose Export All Results

If choosing to search only for results from the filter options you select, once you apply the filters, you would then from the Actions button, select to export filtered statistics.

Filter Options:

All Dates: Select a Start Date/Time and an End Date/Time

Any Status and Score:
  • Finished or In Progress
  • In Progress Only
  • Finished only
  • Finished and Scored - Choosing this option will make the option 'Filter by Score' available. This will allow you to select percentage or points.
    If you select Percentage, you can choose 'Equal to or Over' or 'Equal to or Under'. This is a great option for only pulling results for those who have passed or for only those who have failed.

    If you select Points in this section, you can enter the number of points that are 'Equal to or Over', or 'Equal to or Under'.

Any Duration: Choose the duration of time in a test to pull results for. You can choose 'Equal to or Over' a certain number of minutes you enter or 'Equal to or Under' a certain number of minutes.

This would be great if wanting to pull exam results for only those that for example; finished a Test perhaps in the first 5 minutes. Enter 5 minutes and only those who have had results with a duration time of 5 minutes or under will be included in the results.

Or, use this to see who has taken the longest in the Test by entering a high number - this may help to see who may have been struggling with a Test if they are over what the average Test-taker is spending in a test.

Graded: Choose whether to retrieve only test results that have been graded or not graded (this would apply to essay questions as all other questions are automatically graded).

When Exporting Test Results to Excel for a specific Group or Link, if you select under the 'Actions' tab to export results, you will have the option of including selected answers as well.

You can then select how you would like the value for answers displayed:

Answers or Points received

You can select the Question Column title:

Incremental: Q1, Q2, Q3 or Question ID or Actual Question Text

Data you will see on the export sheet when including selected answers: (Each mentioned below you will see as it's own column in the Excel sheet. Each row of data will be for each test-taker.
  • Name of test
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Percentage
  • Points Received
  • Points Available
  • Minutes
  • Seconds
  • Date Started
  • Date Finished
  • Requires Grading - if you have an essay question that were to require grading.
  • Email address - if you have asked for one
  • cm_userid - if passing this to Classmarker on Test start
  • Access Code - if using Access Lists For access restriction
  • IP Address
  • Extra Information - if you have asked your users for extra information (custom info fields)
  • Questions and User responses - you will then see Q1, Q2, etc. for all of the questions on the test. For each question, If a Question is not answered, it will say Not answered, if answered, it will display the answer they have provided and points scored.

With ClassMarker, there are a variety of ways to view and export your data. Not only can you export results, you can also view results for both groups of users and individuals from within your ClassMarker account. Or, have individual results emailed to you or choose to have online results emailed to multiple users by adding Assistants that can receive results and as well, assist you with your administrator account.

Prefer to send results back to an LMS or other (third party system)? Take a look at ClassMarker's API and Webhooks integration options.

Whether it be exporting test results, analyzing statistics by category, detailed question statistics, ClassMarker has these options and more!

Happy Testing!

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