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Are you looking for an easy to use, yet feature-packed online quiz platform? Look no further! ClassMarker offers a user-friendly system that you can use immediately and some pretty cool (and useful of course) options to customize your online homework Exams, Quizzes, Assessments, and Tests. You get the idea - if you have questions to give, no matter the type of Testing, create it with ClassMarker.

First, let's talk about security and stability. These are key to have any successful Testing completed online. While our team here at ClassMarker does have a good sense of humor, we don't joke about data handling. We take this very seriously. ClassMarker does take a COMPLETE privacy approach when it comes to student data security and privacy, and ALL data added by an administrator to ClassMarker.

All student data can be edited or removed anytime, from ClassMarker by the account administrator/instructor. ClassMarker also does NOT require identifiable student information to be added; in fact, the administrator/instructor can use alternate identifiers if they wish, such as "Student One" rather than the actual name if preferred.

ClassMarker is one of the most reliable and stable Testing systems you will encounter, with a 99.9% uptime. We also have measures in place for both losses of the internet or browser/computer crashes. Reopen completed quizzes and create resume links for those in a Test but unable to get back in. Override time limits for specific users. So, the next time you ask your users "Have you taken your ClassMarker today?" There should be no excuse as to why an online take-home exam can not be completed!

While we are on the topic of security, let's touch base on proctoring. Proctoring is now more immense than ever, with online exams taken at home. ClassMarker has a great option using Links to work successfully with yourself proctoring or another third party proctor service, for online proctored assessments. You can also use 3rd party tools like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, or other Video and Screen sharing tools, in connection with ClassMarker Test links.

Flexibility! We have it! ClassMarker offers flexibility with creating and editing Tests, the assigning of Tests, and settings. Teachers can reuse a quiz with randomly selected questions pulled at random each time; it will be a new Test every time! Use the same fixed questions or randomize fixed questions. It's your choice!

We offer flexible professional plans and credit packs to suit everyone's Testing needs. Occasional Testing? No problem! Regular monthly Testing? We've got plans that fit. Enterprise testing? We have bespoke plans just for you!

Add study materials! A final exam may only include questions that require an answer. There will be those quizzes and exams; however, that require the student studying and learning as they are going through the Test. Upload your learning materials, including audio, video, documents, and images, into the Tests. This is not only great, to add course content to a quiz but as well to engage your users and keep them interested and focused.

ClassMarker Tip: When setting up a Test with learning materials, another great option is to use our 'save and resume later' option so that as users are learning at their own pace, from home, they can save their progress to resume at a later time.

Availability! Tests can be created and taken anytime, anywhere on any device. With so many Tests taken at home, and even more so right now, it would be unrealistic and unfair to expect users to make sure they have a specific device and operating system to further their education. ClassMarker has made it so that Test-takers can continue with at home Testing using any device they have, whether it be a laptop, Macbook, tablet, iPad, any device that has an internet connection. Do some users only have a cell phone? Great, because users can take online mobile exams, no problem! And let's face it; we all have our preference as to what we prefer.

ClassMarker works on ALL devices, ALL operating systems. No apps to install, no downloads to worry about, no worrying that users will not be able to take Tests.

Get the results you need when you need them—view results for both completed tests and those still in progressexport results to Excel. Send individual user results via email, to yourself, your team, and those taking Tests. Advanced statistics, including per group, per individual, category results, question statistics. To have results sent back to your system or another third-party system, check out our API/Webhook Integration options.

Check out ClassMarker today, to safely and securely give Tests to users taking online exams from home!

Register Here for a no-strings attached 30 day trial. You'll be up and Testing in no time!

Happy Testing, Be Well and Stay Safe!

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