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Proctoring exams? Do you or don’t you? Not all quizzes, Tests or exams require supervision while being taken, however there are times when the monitoring of Test-takers taking an examination is required. State exams, Certification Tests, Final exams are some examples of Tests that may require exam proctoring.

When using an online quiz maker, how do you go about having that exam proctored?

ClassMarker does offer quiz proctor options that will work with Tests you have created online.

How do you proctor an online exam with ClassMarker?
You can have users share their screen with applications like Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts, so you can see their screen when they are taking your exams.

Proctor ClassMarker exams with Zoom: Go to Zoom

Proctor ClassMarker exams with Google Hangout: Go to Google Hangout

Proctor ClassMarker exams with Skype: Go to Skype

Use a 3rd party Proctoring service
When you create a quiz assignment, you have the option of assigning your quiz via a Group or Link.

If using Links to assign your Test, you can set quiz restrictions for online proctored exams by using an access list, which will ensure the number of attempts set for that Test link. It will also ensure that only those who have been given an access code will be able to access that Test. Without a quiz access code, somebody would not be able to take the Test.

When your students or employees come to the monitored Testing facility, you can provide them with the online proctored exam Test link, along with handing out to each user, their own individual access code.

How do you secure a quiz when using a third party proctoring service?

If you are using a 3rd party proctor service, we recommend using our Links option to give your exams. You would provide the proctoring company with the same instructions as mentioned above. This will enable you to limit who exactly can access the Test.

Using the Access list option is the best way to limit Test access for external proctors because you can supply them with the list or access codes, and they can give the access codes out to the applicable users when they are ready to start taking the Test.

Access Codes could be email addresses, employee IDs, or any unique alphanumeric string.

So the Test taker will be given the Link for the Test (but cannot access it without an Access code).

The Proctor service can give the Test taker the Access code when they are ready to start the Test.

When you create your access list, you can also choose to remove access codes as they are being used. This is a great feature for keeping your access list tidy and being able to see instantly who still needs to take their Test.

With ClassMarker, we've kept it simple for you to be able to monitor student Testing with access codes. It's simple for you, as the administrator to create and apply the access list to your Test. It's simple for the proctoring service, as they do not need access to your ClassMarker administrator account or long, detailed instructions that they need to go over for hours prior to giving the Test. It's simple for your users taking the Test.

Register Here to start using ClassMarker, the best quiz platform of 2020, for creating all of your proctored and non-proctored Tests.

Happy Testing!

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