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Giving Tests and Quizzes is a fantastic way to evaluate user skills, abilities, and knowledge. Whether you are a Business giving on-going training for staff or a school educating students, a quiz maker is a fundamental component to include in your online training resources.

Finding the right quiz maker tool for online training can however, be a difficult decision.

There are some characteristics that you should consider as a must, whether you are a Business or Educator, looking to provide online training.
  1. Security: Your data needs to be secure! ClassMarker is all about security and provides you with both the privacy and security that you need for all of your data, to remain safe.
  2. Compatibility: Being that users are now doing online training on different devices and browsers, you need something that works for everyone. ClassMarker does just that - it works across all major operating systems, web browsers and devices.
  3. Stability: Online training cannot be completed if the system is not stable. ClassMarker offers a very reliable and stable system, so that users can have a great learning experience.
  4. Adding of Learning Materials: Online training would not be complete without the addition of your educational materials. With ClassMarker, you can create interactive quizzes for online training, by adding audio, video, documents and images into question and answer fields, custom feedback sections, test introduction area, results page feedback.
  5. Results Analysis: Ability to view results in a variety of different ways. By Test, By Group, By Category, Question Statistics, View Recent Results, Export Results, Email Results and more!

ClassMarker has been in existence since 2006, and over the years, we have seen the ClassMarker system used for a wide range of Testing. This has also enabled us to not only learn what our users require from an online Testing system for their online training needs, but to also know what options teachers use vs options that Businesses use.

Let's take a look at features that education institutions are using with ClassMarker's quiz maker for teachers.

Quiz Maker for Teachers:
  • Create Groups: Register members into groups to Test all users at once.
  • Notify Group Members: Let group members know when new exams are available.
  • Provide practice Tests: Give practice Tests with unlimited attempts.
  • Analyze Question Statistics: Use question statistics to find problem areas that students are having difficulties with.
  • View Results in Real Time: View results for both completed Tests and those still in progress.
  • Custom Feedback During Test: Use for both incorrectly and correctly answered questions - great for students to use for study and reference.
  • Randomized Answer Ordering: Useful option for retakes as each time Test is taken, answers will be in a different order. An option where memorizing the answer order will not help!
  • Randomize Questions: Will provide the same set of questions in a different order each time the Test is taken.
  • Provide additional attempts per student: Add extra attempts for each student on their individual results page.
  • Award Certificates: You can award certificates to students for Test completion, regardless of the grade they receive or for only those who have reached the passing mark set

Now, let's go over some options that Businesses are taking advantage of, when using ClassMarker's quiz maker for business.

Quiz Maker for Business:
  • No Pre-Registration Needed: Employees, potential staff and/or customers do not need to register in order to take Tests.
  • Access Lists: Provide unique access codes to limit Test access.
  • Brand Exams: Use Themes to brand your Tests with your own company logos.
  • Charge for Exams: Sell access to your online training assessments. Simple set up, paid instantly and immediate user access upon payment completion
  • Embed Tests: Embed Tests to have users take Tests right within your own website.
  • Email Test Links: Paste Test links into emails. Once received, users would simply click on to begin!
  • Test Links on Social Media Sites, Blog Posts: Paste the direct Test Links onto any web page such as social media sites, a blog post, a page on your website.
  • Restrict Quiz Attempts After Passing Set attempts and a passing mark. If passing mark is achieved, no other attempts will be allowed.
  • Add Custom Questions Prior to Test: Add custom questions that are not included in the grading of a Test. It's a great way to gather demographic information, customer leads. These can be for anything you choose!
  • Create Certification Tests with Unique Identifiers: Apply automatically generated certificates for your online certification training, with the ability to add unique identifiers to each user's certificate.
  • API/Webhook Integration: Build your application to receive results in real time.

...And many more options to incorporate ClassMarker to meet your online training requirements

Whether you are a teacher giving practice exams, pop quizzes through a semester, creating Tests for finals or a business giving recruitment Tests, employee feedback surveys, pre employment assessments to potential candidates or on-going training for current employees, ClassMarker will be the perfect elearning quiz maker. to enhance your online training.

With our easy to use interface, quick Test creation and instant grading the only thing you will have to figure out is what to do with all that spare time!

Happy Testing!

Register Here to try ClassMarker today. You'll wonder how you ever managed without it!

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