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Compliance training is serious business! When giving compliance quizzes for employees, it’s a must that you have a secure, private and professional platform to train and quiz your employees with.

Security and privacy is of the utmost importance to ClassMarker and Testing is our business!

You can be rest assured when using the ClassMarker platform that all of your data is stored securely on dedicated servers. We have a 99.9% uptime, giving you the reliability and stability you require for your general compliance training Tests.

Compliance training benefits both your company itself and your employees. It educates your staff on the laws and regulations required to perform their job, enabling a safer workplace and better work environment for all, thus protecting your organization with lower risks, legally as well.

Compliance training may consist of creating HIPAA Compliance Quizzes, Tests on Safety in the Workplace, Ethics, Human Resources, workplace harassment compliance, internal policies and procedures.

Benefits of using ClassMarker for your mandatory staff Compliance training:
  • Fully customizable Testing platform that you can tailor to meet your compliance training needs, specific to your business.
  • To create compliance questions for employees , choose from fixed questions that always display, fixed questions given in a random order, or randomly selected questions that will be pulled from your question bank each time the Test is taken. Randomly selected questions will give a new Test each time it’s taken.
  • Add video, audio, documents, images - all of your required compliance training materials.
  • Give quiz access codes to restrict access and attempts, ensuring access to your compliance training quizzes, is only given to those with a unique access code.
  • Disable printing and copy /paste on Test pages and Results
  • Enable IP restrictions - Allow staff to only be able to access the Test from specific locations
  • Track employee tracking progress from within your administrator account, have results emailed to yourself and other members of management, export detailed results to Excel, or have results sent back to your own system with our API/Webhooks integration options.
  • Set availability dates and times. Compliance training is usually done at specific times. Select a start date/time and an end date/time for when training needs to be completed within.
  • When you edit a test, changes take affect immediately. This especially comes in handy when you need to update your compliance training as the laws and regulations change.
  • Duplicate Tests and make slight changes to the duplicated versions for other departments that may have different internal procedure Testing requirements.
  • Create compliance training certificates with unique serial numbers for each employee certificate. Verify certificates by entering the serial number in your secure administrator account to bring up the results that are attached to that certificate.
  • Compatible on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Chrome Book, all smart devices and browsers
  • No downloads to worry about
  • Compliance Quizzes can be taken by your employees anywhere, anytime.

These are just a handful of the benefits of using ClassMarker. Whether you are giving on-going compliance training or new hire compliance training quizzes, ClassMarker's compliance training quiz maker will deliver everything you need, in order to educate and engage your employees with their mandatory staff compliance Training and Testing.

Register Here to being Testing employee compliance knowledge today!

Happy Testing!

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