Restricting Quiz Access by IP Address

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Are you looking for a Quiz Maker with Ip Restriction? Using IP restrictions to limit quiz access, offers the security and peace of mind you want, when giving your online Tests, Exams and Quizzes. IP restriction in online exams will limit the access to only the IPs you choose. This means, that only those users who are on approved IP addresses can gain access to your data.

With ClassMarker, you will be able to apply IP Address restrictions to:
  1. Assistants
  2. Groups
  3. Links

All Assistants
Assistants are added to the main administrator account for the purpose of assigning multiple administrator roles.

You can add an Assistant for the purpose of these Assistants receiving results for Tests taken by adding their name and email. Or you can assign roles to users by providing them their own login details and set specific account permissions so they can login to the account and assist you with administration tasks such as creating Tests, adding Questions, assigning Tests, creating Certificates and much more!

Advantages of restricting IPs for Assistants:
  • Restricting account access to the workplace - Restrict access to ALL Assistants by restricting the IP address to the workplace only. This will ensure that your Assistants are only logging in while they are at work.
  • Prevent unwanted access after employee dismissal - If an employee is dismissed and you have not yet gotten to removing their access prior to them leaving, restricting the IP to the office only, will make certain that disgruntled employees cannot go to another location once they have left to ‘tamper’ with any information within your account.
  • Limit access for Employees at Remote Locations - Using the IP restriction option for individual Assistants will also ensure that your employees who work remotely are only working from the location you have agreed to.
  • Prevent unsecured Wi-FI connections - By restricting access to an IP address, this will guarantee that your Assistants are not logging into their account from an unsecured public Wi-Fi connection at the local fast food restaurant or nearby plaza.

When you assign your Tests via Direct link / embed code your users will access the Test via the Direct link that you have sent to them, or via a web page where you have embedded the Test. Tests assigned via this method do not have a defined set of users, ie, users are not pre-registered. There are public and private options available so that you can restrict who will take your Test, when you create quiz links

Advantages of Restricting IPs for Links:
  • Restrict Test access for ALL Test links - Secure Test access by restricting ALL of your Test links to a specific IP address. All of your Tests may only be for internal use only within your organization. By limiting access to all of your assessments to your organization IP address, employees will only be able to access these while connected to your network, thus keeping all of your sensitive company information in it's proper location!
  • Non-Shareable Data - Prevent your Test links from being shared by restricting the IP address. Let's face it, links are copied and pasted all the time for one reason or another to share that information. Rest assured that even if a user were to share that Test link, access would be denied on a different IP address.
  • Set IP restrictions on individual Test links - Allows you the flexibility of having some Test links be open to all users, regardless of what network they are connected to, while restricting the access to an individual Test link to a specified IP address. A great example of using this is, if you have a recruitment Test embedded on your website where you would like to have it open to anyone who is directed to that page, whereas other embedded Tests on your website can be restricted to a workplace IP address for only current employees already working at your place of business.
  • Prevent unwanted users from taking Tests - By restricting the IP address, there is no chance for outside users to gain access
  • Prevent additional attempts from being taken after the user leaves the Testing location.
  • Prevent others from reposting your Tests and trying to claim them as their own.
  • Prevent sharing of Links with other company locations - You may have multiple locations across the world within your organization, however, when doing employee training for example, you may only be Testing one location at a time. When you restrict quiz to a specific IP address per location, this will ensure that users at one location will not be able to share the details of that material with employees at another location before it's given to them!

When you assign Tests to Groups (Registered user groups), your users will access the Test via our website and they will have an account that has been set up by you, the administrator.

Advantages of Restricting IPs for All Groups or Individual Groups and Single Members
  • Restricting multiple logins from different locations - When users take Tests from remote locations and you are unable to see them while Testing, one concern is that they could have other users logging into that same account from another location to 'help' them with their Tests or to review the Test details prior to them taking it themselves. Prevent this by using the single member IP restriction option
  • Restrict IP address for ALL Groups - You may require that ALL Tests are taken at school. Restricting the IP to this campus location will ensure that all users in all groups can only login to their Test-taker account while at school.
  • Prevent Test-takers from accessing Tests before they should - When you add users to a Group and they have login details, they can login and see all Tests made available to that Group. Restricting the IP to the school network only, for example, will ensure that even when you are working on Tests and assigning them to your Groups prior to students coming to class, they will not be able to go into their accounts to see what has been added until you instruct them to do so, at school.
  • Long Distance Learning - Do you require that your users take their long distance learning exams at one location only? If they choose home, this is the only place you will enable them to connect from?
  • Restrict multiple or unlimited Test attempts - There may be times where you wish to give certain students additional attempts, however you want to be sure that there are no other users logging into that account to use those attempts. With IP restriction, you can be sure that only those who are on the specified IP address can use those attempts

Setting IP Restrictions
ClassMarker Quiz Maker

ClassMarker takes security and privacy very seriously! Keep your online exams and accounts private, safe and secure by using our newest security option for limiting quiz access by IP address.

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Happy Testing!

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