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What is the most time consuming task when giving a Test? I bet 98% of people who are tasked with giving Tests just had one word instantly come to mind ‘grading’! If you thought this, you have obviously had to do this a time or 100, at least!

I bet for each paper you grade, you also think How can I save time grading papers?

Grading papers takes a tremendous amount of time. Not only does this take time, it also causes Test anxiety. You would think this is for only those taking Tests but it’s not. A lot of time, those who have to grade papers also end up experiencing just as much Test anxiety. Then, let’s add the numerous inquiries that you receive while taking the time to grade those papers. You know exactly what inquiries we are talking about - “When will my results be ready?” or “Have you had a chance to grade my paper yet?” This then adds to that anxiety for wanting to get the grading finished!

Instant grading, using ClassMarker’s online Test creation tool will not only save you a great deal of time but results are always 100% accurate!

How long do you spend each week grading papers? So let's take this as a scenario; you have 20 papers to grade from Monday’s pop quiz, dedicating 15 minutes per each paper, that’s 300 minutes. How about that final exam on Friday, there’s another 20 papers but for these, you will probably dedicate more time to, because these are finals! 20 minutes x 20 papers, which could total 400 minutes. That’s now 700 minutes just for one class with two Tests graded per week. If you’re a teacher, you more than likely have more than just one class to do this with, each week.

What if you're recruiting employees and giving assessments that include personality questions, essay questions on character and behavior - these may take you a bit to go through determining who has what you are looking for. Don’t forget that employee training that took place this week too, you need to grade all of those yet!

While we see so many more people turning to creating Tests online, there are still quite a large number of companies and education facilities that are still Testing on paper.

Grading for some is a job in itself! Using ClassMarker to give online exams is a grading time saver. Think about what you can do with all of that extra time - things such as spending more one on one time with users. Let’s not forget more time for yourself!

Benefits of paperless grading:
  • Track user progress
  • Better time management
  • Less stress
  • Show instantly graded results immediately upon Test completion (by the way, you can choose what displays and what doesn’t, such as graded questions, correctly answered, only those which are incorrect, customized feedback
  • View results for both completed Tests and those still in progress
  • Email results to Test takers immediately or set dates/times when you wish to have these sent out
  • Set a passing percentage to know instantly if users have passed
  • Award automatically generated certificates for all users or only those that pass
  • Set time limits - no more manually watching that clock and counting down!
  • Access control - set restrictions to ensure only those that should be, are taking your Tests
  • Edit Tests anytime and these will be automatically updated.
  • Edit grades within Tests already taken
  • Advanced statistics available immediately - per group, per individual, category results, question statistics
  • Receive results for users, by email to yourself or other members of your team
  • Export results to Excel for a single Test or multiple Tests combined
  • Have results sent back to your own system using our API/Webhook Integration options
  • Add media (documents, images, audio and video) right into your Tests - no more handing out additional learning materials
  • Add customized instructions that users can see before beginning their Test.
  • Selling Tests? Have payments taken instantly and automatically, followed by instant access for your users upon payment
  • Users do not need a specific device or browser. ClassMarker is compatible with all devices and browsers!

Wouldn’t it be great if for the time it took you to read this, users could have not only taken a Test but results would already be graded? Welcome to ClassMarker, the online paperless grading tool that you will love using!

Happy Testing!

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