Study Tips for Taking Computer Based Exams

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ClassMarker is used by both businesses and educators alike, and studying for an exam is no different, be it a student in school or an employee at work.

Previously, back in the days of using pen and paper, the helpful tips would have included things such as make sure you have a working pen or that your pencil is sharpened. Remember those days? Now with online exams being the norm, the tips include things such as making sure your browser is up to date, your battery is charged, etc.

We've put together a few helpful tips for those of you that will be taking an online electronic assessment, also known as an e-assessment.

Charge up Devices

Being that the ClassMarker system does work on all devices, such as PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Chrome Book, all smart devices - Make sure your smart phone or whichever device you are using is charged.

While we do have measures in place for both loss of internet or for example; browser/computer crashes, there is nothing worse than being in the middle of something where you're focused and raring to go and then..."lights out". This can then cause stress and a bit of anxiety if you are then scrambling around to try and get plugged back in and get back to the Test. You finally do get back into the Test and you are now flustered and not in the same groove you were when starting it. This could then impact how successful the continuing of your Test will be.

Keep the distractions to a minimum

If you are taking a Test in a classroom or work environment, avoiding distraction will more than likely be easier to do because you will probably not be up in the middle of your Test and heating something up for lunch, while catching your favorite movie on Netflix, letting the dog out and trying to level up on that one addictive game on FaceBook. If you are taking a Test at home, this 'multi-tasking' can be very tempting to do and at some point we all do this, maybe not all of what was mentioned but doing 10 things at once, while there is nothing wrong with multi-tasking, it does take away the full focus required on one task because now it's split between all of these things.

You may have an important Test you are completing for work that will lead to a promotion, you may be a student that is doing 'study' exams to prepare for a final or perhaps you are taking an online adult education assessment to move onto the next part of your course - regardless of what the Test may be for, they are all important to progress with what you are trying to achieve. So, keeping the distractions to a minimum will greatly help you remain focused on your Test.

Refresh before the Test

If possible, take a few minutes prior to the Test to listen to a favorite song or go for a short little walk, anything to take your mind off of the Test. This will then allow you go into the Test with a clear mind instead of going into it already stressing about it.

Be Positive

If you go into the Test thinking you are not going to do good or that you are going to fail, then you may just be setting yourself up to do so. Taking any type of Test can be very stressful for a lot of people, but if you go into the Test with a positive mindset, you will be surprised to find you will do better than you had expected. Doing the step mentioned above 'Refresh before the Test' will also help with going into the Test on a positive note.


To clarify - This is not something we would recommend during your Test :) I think we all know in order to be productive and manage to accomplish the things we need to do in a day and to do these things successfully, sleep is required. If you know you have a Test the next day, you should try to get a good night's sleep. This will help you to stay alert and keep your mind where it needs to be. Plus, it may be kind of embarrassing to wake up at the end of the Test, with little square imprints from your keyboard now across the side of your face, due to falling asleep at your keyboard!

Review Test Material

The best way to study for a test is to review the material that may be on the test. With ClassMarker, you can do this by having your teacher or employer prepare practice exams that you can take multiple times to help you prepare for a Test. Not only will you be happy you were able to prep for your Tests but nobody will even see your results for these practice attempts as results are not saved for these. Don't you wish that was the case for that one Test way back that you maybe could have studied for a bit more. Don't we all! Your teacher or employer will be very happy too with the option to create unlimited free practice Tests.

Now, let's go over a few of the benefits why you will love using ClassMarker to take your Tests:

  1. You can take your Tests anywhere you happen to be at anytime.
  2. There are no downloads and installs for you to worry about or complicated configuration set ups to deal with.
  3. You can receive your results instantly as soon as you finish your Test.
  4. You can also have your Test Results and Certificates sent directly to your email address.
  5. Your Tests will always be accurately graded.
  6. Your privacy when taking Tests with ClassMarker is protected because we provide a private and secure Testing platform.
  7. Your teachers and employers will be much happier when not having to spend hours upon hours manually grading Tests.
  8. Ability to be given unlimited practice Tests to study with.
  9. Ability to save your Test to resume at a later time right where you left off.
  10. Option to view results that include all graded questions for reviewing.

Plus, the ClassMarker system works across all major operating systems, web browsers and as mentioned above, devices. ClassMarker's computer based assessments meet 508 compliance for our Test-taker interface, working with both screen readers and magnifiers. This allowing teachers and businesses to easily provide exams to their students on all platforms:

Windows, Macintosh, Linux, ChromeOS/Chromebook

Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android

We have put together a simple little quiz for you to take to allow you to see how taking tests with ClassMarker can be. Questions are based on what you have just reviewed. I bet some of you are now going to go back up and take another look through before going to the Test!

Please click on the below test link whenever you are ready to begin!

ClassMarker's Study Tips Quiz for Online Test-Taking

Happy Test-Taking!

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