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Hassle-Free quiz creation: Essential settings.

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You can create online tests customized specifically to your needs with ClassMarker's easy-to-use online quiz maker software.

You'll also have ultimate flexibility to change, edit, or update exam settings - you're always in control.

Review some of our essential settings below:

Test availability

Define when each of your exams can be taken by test takers. Set up specific dates and times to limit test access.

Make your tests available or unavailable with one click.

Pass mark and feedback

Pre-set a percentage pass mark for automatic grading - your test takers will experience no delay in getting their results.

Create a supportive learning environment by adding custom feedback messages to help test users understand how they did in the exam.

Time limit

Use time limits to create tests that test for a combination of knowledge and agile accuracy.

The timer will stay visible at the top of the test page throughout the test to help your test takers.

Randomize questions

Save time by creating new exams using a random order of questions you created in previous exams automatically stored inside your Questions Bank.

Also, create a unique test for every test taker without extra work. Set your exam to randomize the order in which the questions are displayed each time the exam is accessed.

Supported languages

ClassMarker's mission is to make education accessible to everyone. One way we do this is to allow our clients to be inclusive and sensitive to a global marketplace by offering tests in 25 languages.

Choose from Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

Exam restrictions

Limit and customize access to your tests to suit your needs.

  • Limit the number of attempts allowed over a 24-hour period to stop cheating.
  • Set a common password for all exam takers so only those who know it can access your exam.
  • Allow each exam taker to create their own password and account - ideal if you plan on regularly testing the same exam takers and want to chart their educational progress.
  • Create a unique access code that only each test taker should know to enter the test, such as email, employee ID, etc. This limits password sharing.

Branded theme

Your tests should reflect your brand seamlessly from your websites to CRMs, LMS, and other online platforms.

ClassMarker allows you to customize your tests with your logos, brand colors, and choice of text color, button colors, and background.

Monetize tests

Optionally, you can charge a fee for test access.

ClassMarker syncs with PayPal, one of the world's most well-known and trusted online payment systems, to accept test access payments. Your test users can pay using their credit card or funds from their PayPal account (if they are a PayPal user).

You will need a PayPal Premier or Business account to use this feature.

Find out how to charge for tests.

Email results

Send email results to instructors and test takers within seconds:

  • Score: send a user's score in points, percentages, duration, date, certificate download link, feedback, and intro question responses.
  • Categories: send category statistics from questions.
  • Incorrectly answered questions: choose only to send answers answered incorrectly to focus on training and support needs.
  • All answered questions: send all answered questions, whether correct or incorrect.

Learn more about how to use ClassMarker's flexible features in our step by step tutorials.

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How can I randomize test questions?

Question arrangement in a test is a big deal! How do you organize your questions? Do you have the same questions always appear or do you have them randomized each time? Would you prefer to have questions pulled from a bank of questions?

There are many possibilities of how you can create random quizzes in ClassMarker. You can:

  • Display fixed questions,
  • Randomize the order of fixed questions,
  • Randomly select questions from your question bank,
  • Have a combination of fixed questions and randomly selected questions,
  • Display randomly selected questions at beginning, end or mixed In,
  • Or group randomly selected questions by category.

With ClassMarker you can deliver a unique test experience each time. Learn more about Creating Randomized Quiz Questions

Adding time limits to your tests

What are the advantages of a test timer?

  • Discourages users from searching in search engines, documents, etc.,
  • Helps Test-takers manage their time,
  • Useful for Competition type quizzes,
  • Helps you identify who can process information quickly
  • Helps determine quick response time under pressure,
  • You can determine pass criteria by completing a test within a set amount of time instead of using a score.
  • Helps users be more focused on their test because they know they only have a certain amount of time. This is useful in remote testing environments.
  • Enables the Test Giver to focus on other tasks during a test in class or the employee training setting.
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