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Charge for your Quizzes

ClassMarker allows you to sell your quizzes online.

When you charge for your exams, you can still embed exams in your website or theme them (white label) to remove ClassMarker branding.

You can set your price in USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, AUD, NZD and JPY currencies.

You are paid instantly via PayPal.com each time you sell an exam online through ClassMarker.

Credit usage and Fees

When a Test is paid for by a Test taker, the first 10 attempts they take (if you allow more than one attempt) will not use credits in your account. Credits will only be used after 10 attempts per paid Test taker.

If multiple attempts are allowed, Test takers can go to the Test Link again and use the Email and Password they registered on the "Test start page" to resume another attempt.

ClassMarker Fees: 10% of purchase price (Minimum fee: $1.00 USD per purchase)

Zero PayPal Fees: PayPal purchasing fees are paid for in full by ClassMarker for each purchase.

You receive 90% of your Charging price instantly to your PayPal account.

Test Taker Experience

  1. When users arrive at your exam, they will be asked to register an email and password, this allows them to re-login should they have an issue with their internet connection or computer. Screenshot
  2. Once they have registered their details they will be taken to this screen to continue. Screenshot
  3. They will then Pay via the secure website Paypal.com. No References to ClassMarker will be on the Paypal popup page. Screenshot
  4. After your Test taker has paid, they are redirected back to the Test page which will give them access to start your Test. Screenshot

Charge Settings

Take a look at some of the options available to you when setting up your Tests to charge.


Download a sample PDF Receipt

How to set up Charging for Exams

To charge for your exams, you will follow the same steps as Assigning a Test to be taken via a Link.

  1. First Create your Test.
  2. Now Assign your Tests to a Link.
  3. In the Assign settings, you will find the "Price" settings to turn on charging. Screenshot
  4. Once you have completed selecting the assign settings, you will select save at the bottom of the page, which will create your new Link for you.
  5. You can now copy the Link to send to Users, or use the iFrame embed options to embed the exam in your own website.
  6. When users go to take the exam, they will be asked to pay the fee you charge before they can take your Test.