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How To Edit Grades Manually

With ClassMarker you can manually edit the grades for Tests containing Essay-style Questions and the total score will be recalculated automatically. You also have the flexibility to change a user's score or Question value after the Test has been taken. Add extra credit at your discretion.

  1. Go to either your Test, Groups or Links navigation. Screenshot
  2. Expand the row and select the 'Results' button. Screenshot
  3. Your results are now available to view. To grade individual responses select 'Grade'. Screenshot
  4. You can now view your Test taker's individual answers and edit their grades manually. Select 'Edit points'. Screenshot
  5. Edit points and enter individual feedback that will only be seen by your user. Screenshot
  6. Congratulations! Your points have been edited. Screenshot
  7. You can see the updated score by refreshing the Results page. Screenshot