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Access Lists

Access Lists enable you to restrict access to Tests assigned via Links.

Access Lists consist of a list of Access Codes that are created by you and can be any alphanumeric string of your choosing (for example, email addresses, student/employee IDs etc.).

Add and edit Access Lists under Links / Access Lists.

Apply an Access List when you assign a Test (via Link only, not required for Tests assigned via Groups, because each Group member is registered).

When a user goes to your Test, they will be asked your "Access list question" (see below) where they must type a valid Access List item to enable them to access your Test. You can limit how many times users with Access items can take your Test well.

You can also pass the Access list item on the Test Link itself to save users from having to type or even know their own Access item.
See our Quiz Maker developer documentation for more details.

How to Create and Edit Access Lists:

  1. Go to the Access List page under the Links navigation. Screenshot
  2. Select 'New Access List'. Screenshot
  3. Choose an Access List name, create your Access List question, enter your Access List items and then select the 'Create New Access List' button. Screenshot
  4. You have two options to Automatically remove your Access codes from your Access List, which you can select from:
    1. Remove access code when all Allowed attempts are Taken. (You can set how many attempts are allowed when you assign your Test to be taken.)
    2. Remove access code when the Test 'Passmark' is set, and the User passes the Test. (You can set Test 'Passmark' when you assign your Test to be taken.)
  5. Congratulations! Your Access List has been saved and is ready to be applied to a Link to restrict access.

How to Apply an Access List to your Tests:

When you assign your Tests via Links you have the option of restricting access via Access Lists.

  1. Go to the Links section and select 'Settings' for the assigned Test you wish to add the Access List. Screenshot
  2. Expand the Restrictions setting under the 'Test Access' settings.

    Note: Each 'Access list item' can only be used to access this Link as many times as you set in the 'Attempts' settings below. Screenshot
  3. Save your settings below. Screenshot
  4. Congratulations! Your Access List settings are now assigned to your Link. Only those people who enter an Access List item will be able to access your Test.

Populate Access lists via API requests:

You can use our API to Add and Delete Access Codes from your Access lists automatically.

See: Access Lists API documentation

How to Pass Access codes with Quiz Start URL:

This is an optional feature which your Web Developer can set up for you.

This feature allows you to send an Access code on the Quiz URL, this means you do not need to give each Test taker an Access code, instead, you can have their unique Access code appended to the Start URL to give them access.

&cm_fn=John (optional)
&cm_ln=Smith (optional)
&cm_e=john@example.com (optional)
&cm_access_list_item=their_access_code (optional)

See: View Integration documentation for more details.