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ClassMarker allows you to create custom Certificates to be displayed at the completion of your Test/s.

With the certificate editor, options include:

  • Portrait and Landscape style certificates
  • Drag and Drop text and images anywhere on certificate
  • Multiple font styles and sizes
  • A4 and letter size
  • Adding additional text and images
  • Uploading custom backgrounds
  • Ability to create wallet sized certificates
  • Dynamically include Test taker Name, Test name, Test score and the Date
  • Select different date display formats

There are many different design backgrounds to choose from OR you can upload your own custom background image (which can include your signature on it as well).

When you assign (distribute) your Test you can choose whether you'd like to include a Certificate. You can also define whether the Certificate will be displayed to all users upon completion of your Test or if the Certificate should only be displayed if the user achieves a pass grade (the pass grade is also defined by you).

Download our PDF Certificate design manual to send to your web designer which contains instructions on creating a custom background image for your Certificate.

How to Create and Edit Certificates:

  1. Go to the Certificates section and select 'New Certificate'. Screenshot
  2. Choose a Certificate name, choose your Certificate background and choose whether to display the user's name, score and the Test name. These details will be added automatically for each user when they download their Certificate. Screenshot
  3. Edit text fields and drap and drop to any position. Screenshot
  4. Choose whether to use the ClassMarker logo or upload your institution's own image or logo.
    Select 'Save and Preview Certificate'.
  5. Congratulations! You have created your custom Certificate.

How to Apply a Certificate to your Tests:

When you assign your Test you have the option of displaying a Certificate for your Test and specifying whether it will show 'Always on completion' or 'Only when the Test is passed'.

  1. Go to the Tests section and select 'Settings' for the assigned Test you wish to show the Certificate. Screenshot
  2. Expand your Certificate setting. Screenshot
  3. Select which Certificate you would like to use. Screenshot
  4. Save your settings below.
  5. Congratulations! Your Certificate settings are now assigned to your Group.

How to Download Certificates:

  1. Test takers can download Certificates from their results pages. If you have results emailed to Test takers, the download Link for the Certificate will also be in their results email.
  2. Administrators can download Certificates at any time from their Test takers results pages.

How to Duplicate Certificates:

  1. Go to the Certificates page found under the Tests navigation. Screenshot
  2. Select to 'Edit' the Certificate you wish to duplicate. Screenshot
  3. On the right hand side of the page, you will see the Duplicate Certificate option. Select this option. Screenshot
  4. Add a new Name for this New Certificate and make your changes. Screenshot
  5. Save your changes at the bottom of the page.