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Quiz maker tutorials step by step.

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Embedding Exams in your Website

You can embed your exams in your website.

To do this you will Assign your Tests using our Links Option.

This will allow Users to go to your website, add their details and start your Test without the need to go to or even know they are using ClassMarker.

You can also have their details populated and track user_ids from your system automatically. View our Integration documentation here.

Sample Embed Code

You can copy & paste this code into your website right now to view how a Test will look and can be taken directly in your website.

<script src="https://www.classmarker.com/public/js/embed-classmarker-1.0.0.js?quiz=yba59c342adc8815" data-quiz="yba59c342adc8815" data-width="700" data-height="800" ></script>

Example screenshots

These are example screenshots of a sample ClassMarker Exam embedded into another website.

Note: You can create and use a custom Theme to change button colors as well.



Displaying results

You can also display results instantly embedded within your website at the end of the Test, and/or have Test results sent back to your website to be recorded in real time using our Webhooks and API options.