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Duplicate Test

Duplicate and make slight variations of your Tests in order to have multiple versions of the same Test.

For example: add, edit or delete Questions for different Groups of users

Please note: Each Test can be assigned multiple times to different users with customized settings applied each time.

If you are reassigning your Test, there is no need to duplicate your Test, simply assign it to a different Group or Link.

  1. Go to your Tests page. Screenshot
  2. Select the row for the Test to expand it and select 'Edit'. Screenshot
  3. Now, on the Edit Test page, select the option to 'Duplicate' from your Test's main navigation. Screenshot
  4. Enter a new Test name and Category and select 'Duplicate this Test'. You can choose whether to reference the same Questions from your Question Bank or create duplicate copies of each Question in this Test. Screenshot
  5. Congratulations! Your Test has been successfully copied.