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How to give Access To Your Test:

Once you have created a Test you will need to provide your users access to it. ClassMarker calls this 'Assigning' your Test. Look out for the 'Assign' buttons across the website.


  • You can test 1,000s of Users simultaneously (Test and Results will be separate)
  • A Test can be assigned multiple times (example: reuse your Test with multiple Groups or Links)

There are 2 ways to give a Test, depending on your needs:

Using Groups:

When to use Groups?
Groups are great for testing the same Users on a regular basis.
Example: Teacher/Students, or Business/Employees doing regular testing.

  • User registration required
  • Registered Users log in their own username/password via the ClassMarker.com homepage

See: Assigning Tests via Groups

Using Links:

When to use Links?
Links are great for 'once off' or 'bulk testing'. No need to pre-register Users.
'Access restriction' options are available for your Tests security.

  • No User registration required
  • One Link for Testing all Users
  • Tests and Results are kept separate

See: Assigning Tests via Links
See: Embed your Test on your website

Saving Results with links is only available with Upgraded Accounts


Note: These 2 options can be used separately depending on your requirements for giving Tests, but not combined. (E.G: No need to register users to Groups if you want to give them Tests using the Links option).