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Branding and Themes

Themes are used to add organization branding (logos and colors) to your Tests.

Add and edit Themes under Links / Themes.

Apply a Theme when you assign a Test (via Link only, not available for Tests assigned via Groups).

How to Create and Edit Themes:

  1. Go to the Themes page under the Links navigation. Screenshot
  2. Select 'New Theme'. Screenshot
  3. Choose a Theme name and optionally upload your organization's logo and header your 'Page header' preferences. Screenshot
  4. Edit your 'Page body' preferences. Screenshot
  5. Customize your 'Button' and timer colors and select 'Save and preview theme'. Screenshot
  6. Congratulations! Your Theme has been created. You will see a preview of the Theme that you can now apply to your Tests. Screenshot
  7. Test takers will also see their Test results in your Theme as well of cousre. Screenshot

How to Apply a Theme to your Tests:

When you assign your Test via Link you have the option of applying a Theme.

  1. Go to the Links section and select 'Settings' for the assigned Test you wish to apply the Theme to. Screenshot
  2. Expand the Theme setting under the 'Taking Test' settings and choose or create a custom Theme. Screenshot
  3. Save your settings below. Screenshot
  4. Congratulations! Your Theme settings are now assigned to your Link. Your Test will be displayed in your chosen Theme.