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Integration Overview

Integrate ClassMarker with your own systems to automate your Testing.

Our Integration options include:

  • Passing Test takers details to ClassMarker
  • Retrieve Test results by polling ClassMarker periodically using our API
  • Retrieve Test results in real-time using our Webhooks
  • Add Access codes for granting access to Tests using our API

Read our more in our Integration Overview

Download our: Integration Guide

API / Webhooks

What are Webhooks
Webhooks allow your Web developers to have Test results securely delivered to your systems/website in real time.

What is an API
An API will allow your Web developers to have your systems/website securely request & retrieve recent Test results from ClassMarker periodically.

You can integrate using one or both options depending on your requirements.

Learn more via our: API & Webhooks Documentation

Create an API Key or Webhook

  1. From the My Account menu, select the 'Webhooks / API Keys' option. Screenshot
  2. Select the tab to start creating your Webhooks / API Keys from. Screenshot

Webhook Settings

After you save your Webhook Settings for the first time, your Webhooks 'Secret Phrase' will be created.

See: Webhooks Documentation

Use the 'Verify on Save' option to have Sample Test Results sent to your server, this way you can repeatedly test your Endpoint receiver script with Sample results Payloads sent by ClassMarker, using valid credentials. See: How to Verifiy Webhook Payloads.


API Settings

After you save your API Settings for the first time, your Webhook API Key & Secret will be created.

See: API Documentation