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How to View Statistics:

The Statistics section is where you can view and filter results in any way that you require. 

  1. Go to either your Test, Groups or Links navigation and select Statistics. Screenshot
  2. Drill down to view your Statistics by Group / Link, by Question, by Category and User. Screenshot

How to view Statistics by Question:

In addition to Statistics by Test, Group or User, ClassMarker allows you to drill down to view Question specific statistics. This way you can see the percentage of users' who answered a Question correctly and view individual Test takers' selected answers.

  1. Select to view Statistics by Test. Screenshot
  2. Hover over the 'More' option and select 'By Question'. Screenshot
  3. Filter down to the Group or Link that you would like to view: Screenshot
  4. You can now see the Question statistics for this Group. To view individual Question statistics select 'Details'. Screenshot
  5. You can now view a complete breakdown of Statistics for this Question. Screenshot