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Create the best recruitment exams for your business

No one knows your business like you.

That's why it's important to write your pre-employment Tests to assess new hires on the skill sets 'your business' requires using a reliable Quiz Maker tool for Business.

In minutes you can create and modify your pre-employment tests, asking the exact questions you need to assess new candidates on their skill sets and knowledge in your industry.

Creating your own pre-employment Exams simplifies your recruitment process, allowing you to quickly and accurately find the best employees for you and your business or Test for compliance to stay on top of your industries regulations.

Three simple steps:
1. Create your tests
2. Assign & Give Tests online via email or directly from your website
3. Review results instantly

Give Pre-employment Tests:

Testing & Training Staff online

Test your staff by giving custom exams you create in minutes.

Analyze skills by subject by categorizing your exam questions and then having questions selected at random from your question bank. This way your staff will never take the same test twice. A great way train your staff online with instant results.

ClassMarker is a Quiz maker for a variety of industries for tasks such as:

View some of our Clients using ClassMarker as their Quiz maker and Assessment tool for Training and Testing.

How to Write Good Exams

ClassMarker Learn™ is a collection of resources created specifically to help users learn how to write great online exams.