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Recruiting new employees can be a very long process, if you don't have the right tools. Whether you're a company in need of hiring new employees or you're looking to hire staff for your clients - you need to find your candidates, tests them to evaluate their performance and then grade these results which we know is very time consuming. Just as employees need the right tools to do their job, you also need the right tools to do your job. ClassMarker is the recruitment and selection tool you will love using to make your job easier!

It can also be a very hectic time when you're faced with finding new hires fast. This usually requires testing a lot of candidates in a short space of time. Having your tests set up and ready enables you to instantly fulfill your pre-employment testing needs.

Recruiting the proper staff will be much easier with the help of ClassMarker. You, as the Employer know exactly what you are looking, hence it makes sense to create your own custom online exams to evaluate new candidates. You can test multiple candidates for the same position or for multiple departments within your company and because ClassMarker takes care of the testing and give you instant Exam results and statistics you're left with more time to take care of the other aspects of your job.

Test and filter before interviews
Embed exams directly into your recruitment pages and social feeds. When candidates take an exam, you can request their name, email and other contact details, then filter candidates based on their results and experience in your industry, saving you time organizing and conducting initial interviews with the wrong candidates.

ClassMarker offers you the ability to create your own recruitment exams in three easy steps:
  1. Create your tests using our user-friendly, featured packed admin interface.
  2. Give Tests online via email or directly from your website enabling you to test potential candidates anywhere in the world.
  3. Review results instantly from within your ClassMarker account, as well as having them sent to your email or integrate with our quiz maker API.

From pre-employment testing to candidate evaluations, right down to employee advancement, all this can be achieved through ClassMarker's recruitment testing tool, whether it be extensive muti-layer tests, applications or a simple quiz to see what skills your candidates need more training with.

Some other benefits to using ClassMarker are:

  • You can brand your tests with your own logos.
  • You decide what your potential employees will see upon test completion.
  • Add custom information questions to gather the data you want from your candidates.
  • Add your own documents into your recruitment tests for easier reviewing by your possible new hires.
  • Create your recruitment tests in multiple languages.

ClassMarker can be integrated with online recruitment firms or with your own company website using our API, allowing you to easily export or send your user ids (along with respective Test results) back to your own website in real time.

Make your job easier when recruiting and selecting new employees by using ClassMarker's advanced selection tool.

Register here and start your recruitment tests today.

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