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The question bank is a crucial part of any Testing platform. With ClassMarker's quiz maker, the question bank is where all of your questions are stored.

There are two options for adding questions from the question bank. You can add fixed questions that always display or you can pull random questions from the question bank. Right now, we will look at adding fixed questions into a Test from the question bank. Fixed questions will be specific questions you choose to include and these will be the same questions that will display for all users taking your Test.

Previously we discussed how to add questions directly to a quiz. With this option, questions were first added into the Test, automatically then adding them into the question bank.

Your questions are now in the question bank. Let's take a look at how to add existing questions from a question bank to a quiz. You will use this option if you have already added questions to your question bank.

Add Questions to Quiz from Question Bank

Step One: From the Test edit' page, click on the + Add Questions button.

A drop-down list will display with the following four selections:
  • Add a New Question
  • Reuse from your Question Bank
  • Add Random Questions
  • Import spreadsheet .CSV

Step Two: Select 'Reuse from your Question Bank'

Step Three: Within your question bank, you can begin choosing the questions to include in your Test. Click on 'Add Question to Test' underneath a question. The question is now in your Test!

Step Four:: Continue adding questions into your Test from your question bank.

That's it! You will now see all questions you have selected, in the Test. And the best part is, all of these questions you have just added into your Test still also remain in your question bank to be reused in any other Test, exam, quiz, survey, assessment or questionnaire you wish to include them into!

With ClassMarker, you can create a quiz from a question bank quickly and easily!

Did you know? If you have multiple Tests that include the same question and you need to update a specific question, you can do so from within any Test the question is included in or from within the question bank and that question will be updated automatically, anywhere it is! No need to go searching for everywhere it is located. This comes in handy if you need to update a question or answer within that question or if you have made an error within that question.

You can reuse the same questions across multiple Tests from those that are stored in your question bank. You can also change question order of questions in your Test, by using drag and drop to reorder your questions!

With all of ClassMarker's quiz maker tool settings and options, you will be making your own professional, fully customized Tests in no time!

Register Here to start using ClassMarker today, with a 30 day trial that has all of the features you will need to get going! There are no strings attached, no credit cards required, no commitments. The registration is quick and you'll be on your way to saving yourself time and stress by using the best quiz maker online to meet your Business and Education Testing requirements!

Happy Testing!

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