Analyze learning patterns with online testing

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One of the most efficient ways of analyzing learning patterns is to implement regular online testing. Whether your learners are students, colleagues or clients, regular testing will provide both you and your learners with invaluable feedback on how well they are grasping the subject material.

ClassMarker provides an easy-to-use yet sophisticated online testing solution that will make your life easier. Save time by creating, assigning and analyzing your tests online.

Each question you create is saved in your Question bank making it available for use across multiple web-based tests without ever having to re-create it. Your online tests can be assigned, or distributed, in any number of ways for many different groups of users making the interface incredibly flexible.

Best of all, quiz results are calculated instantly and accurately. All results are available to view online and ClassMarker also offers the additional feature of being able to export all results to Excel, where you can sort and filter however you require.

Register for free online testing today, and enjoy the future of online testing with ClassMarker.

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