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A common problem for many test creators is figuring out how they can save time by utilizing different distribution methods for their online tests.

ClassMarker provides a flexible interface where each web-based test can be assigned, or distributed, in any number of different ways. The assign-settings (that is, the settings you define when you distribute your test) are fully customizable and provide control over test features such as when the test will be available, how many attempts users can have, whether you'd like to password-protect your test, what the pass mark for the test will be, plus many more.

Many applications provide a one-to-one relationship where each online test has its own delivery parameters, meaning that you have to duplicate your test if you want a different set of users, with different delivery requirements, to take your test. ClassMarker provides the ability to use the same underlying test again and again with different defined assign-settings.

The delivery methods for online testing using ClassMarker encompass the following:
  • Registered users are provided with their own username and password to access the ClassMarker website. All their tests, results, and user information is stored securely.
  • Non-registered users can access tests via a few different methods: send a link to your exam via email, add a link to your website, or fully embed a test in your own website. There are public and private options available.

Each time you assign your test to a group of users (either registered or non-registered) the results will be pooled together under that group. This means results are easily collated and analyzed - you can even export results to Excel for detailed analysis.

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