Computer-Based Assessment Testing

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Computer-Based Assessment also known as Computer-Based Testing is the way to deliver Tests securely online with fast, instant and accurate grading. Businesses and Educators alike are moving more away from Paper-Based Testing to Computer-Based Testing. ClassMarker has made this migration easy with our user-friendly system. You can start creating Tests instantly!

ClassMarker offers secure Computer-Based Testing. Tests can be created and taken from anywhere at anytime on any type of device. We offer an extensive list of features so that you can fully customize your Tests within a secure and private platform.

Quiz Maker Functionality:

  • Unlimited Quizzes and Questions - create as many Tests and questions as you like.
  • Instant Grading - Test results are graded instantly and accurately. View not only completed Test results but those still in progress.
  • Add Content - Upload and/or embed your educational/training documents, images and videos.
  • Categories - Create unlimited categories within your question bank to easily keep items organized. Sorting questions into categories will allow you to view and sort results by category as well to help you better analyze your Tests, for both group and individual results.
  • Randomly Selected Questions - Pull questions at random from your question bank so that each time the Test is given, it will be different.
  • Various Question Types - Multiple choice, multiple response, true/false, essay and more.
  • Test Availability - Set Tests as available/unavailable, set a start date/time and end date/time, limit quiz access and attempts.
  • Custom Feedback - Add custom feedback for both correctly/incorrectly answered questions that display during the Test. You can also add custom feedback that will show to users upon Test completion.
  • Test/Question Flexibility - Re-use questions across multiple Tests, assign the same Test to different groups with different settings for each group. Remove questions from Tests but keep them in your question bank, copy and duplicate Tests and Questions and more.
  • Save and Resume Later - Allow your Test-takers to start a Test and then save it to resume at a later time.
  • Multilingual Test-Taker Interface - Set which language to use and the Test Interface will be given in that language.
  • Test Navigation - Navigate back to previous questions in the Test, make it a must that users answer all questions to continue or mandatory that they need to answer all questions correctly to continue.
  • Viewing Results: Test-Taker - Choose only what you want your users to see when they have finished their Test; points, percentage, custom feedback, graded questions, reveal correct answers, display only incorrect, results by category. You can also have results emailed to your Test-Takers immediately or set a specific date/time when to have the results sent.
  • Viewing Results: Administrator - View results within your administrator account, export results to Excel and/or have results emailed directly to your email address each time a user completes the Test.
  • Advanced Results Analytics - Test results by Test, group, category, including recent results that are in progress and require grading, question statistics including detailed single question results to see which questions your users find most easy/difficult, statistics by category.
  • Multiple Administrators - Add additional account administrators that you can set permissions for, with their own logins so that they can help manage the account.
  • Certificates - Create customized certificates for all users or only those that pass.
  • Sell Exams - Sell Computer-Based Tests and receive payments instantly.
  • API/Webhooks - ClassMarker offers both an API and Webhooks so you can build your application to receive results in real time.

...And the list goes on. You can view a full list of what ClassMarker's Computer-Based Testing platform offers by checking out our Quiz Maker Features page.

Exam Access Options:

Groups - With using Groups to assign Computer-Based Assessments, Test-takers are assigned a username and password in which they will use to access their Tests using the login details on the ClassMarker website.

Links - With using Links to assign your Tests, you can send the Test link via email, paste the link directly into web pages or embed the Test directly into a web page. There are options available to restrict who will take your Tests, which include using an Access List. With an Access List each user who takes a Test will have a unique identifier that will ensure that only those who have access codes can enter the Test and take the Test the number of times you set.

When using Links, you can also create branded E-Exams.

Need help on deciding whether to use Groups or Links to give your Tests? Contact our Customer Support anytime, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we are happy to assist you with all inquiries.


  • Data Privacy - By default, all Tests and data are private to your account.
  • HTTPS - All data is delivered over secure HTTPS protocol.
  • Backups - All data is backed up securely every 30 minutes.
  • Passwords - Passwords are stored encrypted.
  • Servers - Dedicated servers that are kept up to date with the latest security updates.
  • Ownership - Your data remains your own always and you can remove your data at anytime.
  • Content - We do not remove your data. Your data always remains in your account.

To fully experience what ClassMarker has to offer, register here for a free 30 day trial and begin creating your Computer-Based Assessments today.

Happy Testing!

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