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It’s that time of year again where students are out shopping for school supplies and teachers are beginning to prepare for the new school year with new students, creating lesson plans, thinking of the training materials they want to add and of course, Test preparation. We thought this would be a good time to let you know how you can create unlimited free practice exams with ClassMarker!

Before the world of online Testing, training materials and Tests consisted mostly of viewing word after word on crisp white sheets of paper. Yes, we learned from these, however let’s face it, they were not very engaging or exciting.

All students learn differently, some may learn better just by reading text, some with the help of visual materials such as images and video, others may excel when listening to course content. By adding any or all of these into your Tests, it provides a fair, well balanced Testing experience for all users to learn from, no matter their learning style.

With ClassMarker’s online teaching tools for teachers, you can add educational materials that consist of images, documents, audio and video - all to engage the Test taker. Mix these in to your Test questions, answer options, custom feedback and the Test introduction. We believe practice Tests are a critical part of the learning process.

One concern however, with practice Tests that some people may have is this: If a user continues to take the same Test again and again for practice, are they really learning the material or have they taken it enough that they are just memorizing it?

With ClassMarker, you can keep your practice Test ‘new’ each time it is taken by simply either randomizing the same questions that are in the Test, randomizing answer options or use randomly selected questions which will pull different questions from the question bank each time the Test is taken. This will then provide the student with a ‘new’ Test each time.

Benefits of Giving Practice Exams:
  • Reduces test anxiety: Some Test takers have no issues when it comes to taking Tests, however, there are a lot of people that tend to become very anxious and stressed when it’s Test time. Giving practice Tests prior to their actual Test will help ease that stress. Users can take their practice Tests privately and anonymously, allowing them to focus more on learning the material instead of worrying about how their answers will ‘look’.
  • Strengthen knowledge in weak areas: Being able to take practice Tests, users can see their practice quiz review on-screen upon Test completion and then focus on areas that they need to work on. When you give practice exams with ClassMarker and the results are set to not be saved, you can still choose to display the results to users upon Test completion. This can include Points, Percentage, Graded questions (Reveal correct answers and/or Display incorrect questions only). If you have included custom feedback during the Test for correctly/incorrectly answered questions, this will display to them as well on-screen. This is great for providing them the ability to reference any comments or learning materials you have added. They can then take their Tests again, improving their knowledge and gaining confidence when it comes time to take ‘the Test’, that they are prepared.

Tests do not just have to be questions and answers that students are graded on, once they have studied the material. These can also be interactive learning tools for students to learn from.

As a teacher, you will also love that ClassMarker is a time saving grading platform - Tests are graded instantly and accurately!

So, how do you create unlimited free practice quizzes with ClassMarker?

For any Link that you select not to save results for, you can give that Test for free (this will not use credits from your account or you can use this with a free account). You can either set a specific number of attempts or choose ‘unlimited’.

You can then assign the Test to another Link, in which you can set results to be saved if you require. Or, if using Groups, just assign the Test to their group so they can take it from within their account, this option will use Credits because Test results are always saved for you in Groups, Only Links gives you the option to not save results and not use Credits.

Begin using ClassMarker today to create practice exams with. Both you and your students will love it!

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Happy Testing!

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