Custom pre employment screening for candidates

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Many employers undertake pre employment testing in order to ascertain if candidates have the right skills and personality to join their organization. Often this testing process can be long and cumbersome, and can create hours of work for human resources and business managers.

The implementation of online testing can help all businesses save time and money with the ability to both streamlining and fully customize the screening process.

ClassMarker provides a highly customizable and easy-to-use interface for creating exams to screen possible employees:
  1. Create your custom exam. You can create a batch of standard tests that are saved in your account, ready and waiting for when you need them. Or create bespoke tests for specific employment requirements in minutes.
  2. Then at the click of a button make your tests available for potential new employees.
  3. Analyze results quickly and efficiently.
  4. Make your employment decisions knowing that you've found the right person with the right skills for your company.
There's no quicker and easier way to sort through the mountain of resumes that pile up when a job is advertised, so why not carry out your talent assessment using online quizzes you've created using ClassMarker.

Register here and start giving online exams today.

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