How To Create Secure Online Quiz to Deter Cheating

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Online quizzes have become a popular tool for Testing knowledge, but they also come with challenges. One of the biggest challenges is preventing cheating. If you're organizing an online quiz, you'll want to ensure that the examination is fair and everyone answers the questions independently. ClassMarker is the #1 choice for secure online Testing.

Whether you're in the business or education world, cheating can undermine the integrity of your assessments and compromise the accuracy of results.

As an educator, it's essential to take steps to prevent cheating in online quizzes. There are many ways to prevent cheating in online exams.

Here are a few tips to help you do just that:
  • Randomize answers: One of the most effective ways to deter cheating is to randomize the order of answers. Randomizing answers will help prevent students from copying each other's answers and memorizing answer options if you allow additional Test attempts. By shuffling the answers to each question, cheating becomes much more difficult.
  • Randomize questions: Another way to prevent cheating is to randomize the order in which the questions are presented. Mixing up the question order ensures that students can't simply memorize the answers to the questions in order because they will not know which question comes next.
  • Pull questions at random from the question bank: Pulling questions at random from the question bank is another method to deter cheating with random questions. Using a large pool of questions, students won't know what questions they will get, and it becomes more difficult to share answers. This also ensures that each student receives a unique quiz.
  • Prevent Highlight, Copy and Paste: To prevent cheating through copy and paste, you can turn off the copy and paste function during the quiz. This means that students won't be able to simply highlight, copy and paste answers from other sources. Test takers can also not copy and paste questions and answers from within the Test pages.
  • Disable printing options: Disable printing of Test pages and results.
  • Include different question types: Along with questions that require selecting from supplied choices such as multiple choice and matching, add questions requiring users to provide their own answers.
  • Do not display graded questions: Not showing graded questions and answers at the end of the Test will prevent Test takers from simply memorizing the correct answers for future quizzes. Instead, you can provide feedback on areas students need to work on without giving away the answers. Not showing graded questions also prevents students from sharing answers with students who haven't yet taken a Test and encourages them to study and learn the material better.
  • Add a Timer to the Test: Setting a time limit on an exam will help to prevent students from researching the information elsewhere while they are taking the exam as they know they have a time limit set. Use this in combination with disabling copy and paste to ensure users cannot easily copy and paste to search for the information.
  • Prevent Users From Going Back To Previous Test Pages and Questions: Disabling the ability to go back to previous Test pages will ensure that once users have answered questions on one Test page, they cannot then go back to copy questions/answers, change/edit their answers.
  • Proctor Users While They Are Taking Exams: You can have users share their screen with applications like Zoom, and Google Hangouts, so you can see their screen when they are taking your exams. Secure your Tests and prevent cheating with secure, remote proctoring.
  • Restricting Test Access and Attempts: There are various ways to limit attempts and restrict access to a quiz to ensure that only those who should be taking the Tests are and to ensure the absolute number of attempts per user.

These are just some of the options ClassMarker's secure online Testing platform offers. ClassMarker does provide other strategies to deter cheating that automatically runs in the background when a user takes a Test.

By enabling quiz cheat prevention settings that ClassMarker delivers, teachers and employers can maintain the integrity of assessments and ensure that students are being accurately assessed on their knowledge and understanding.

ClassMarker's practical strategies to secure an online quiz to deter cheating will help you create a fair and equitable Testing environment.

Register Here and enter the world of secure, online quiz-making and discover how to strengthen your assessments, quizzes, Tests, surveys, and examination integrity.

Happy Testing!

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