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ClassMarker is becoming even more user-friendly and interactive!

With ClassMarker, interactive Tests already exist. ClassMarker's interactive quiz maker for Business and Education, is about to become even more interactive for administrators and instructors, giving Tests.

Our Development Team is currently working to bring in many new exciting options. You will have to stay tuned to find out what this includes, but these will be major and just awesome!

Today, however, we want to point out a little update done within the administrator interface that will make your Test giving experience easier! This may have been a minor enhancement, but it will be huge for how you interact with information seamlessly within your account. This may just become one of your favorite online quiz features.

This update will quickly determine how many items are applied or assigned to an Access List, Certificate, or Theme. This will also enable you to be automatically directed to the related task you need to get to.

Access Lists - Restrict Quiz Access

What is an Access List? You would use an Access List to restrict quiz access and ensure the absolute number of attempts on a Test.

You can apply an access list when assigning your Tests via Links.

On the access list page, you will see how many times an access list is assigned next to each Access list name. (Yep, you can set the same access list to multiple links)

If you click on that number, a window will display all links you have assigned. If you then click on 'Settings' to the right of that link name, ClassMarker will automatically take you right to the Access List option on the settings page.

When it comes to secure Test access, ClassMarker has the options you need to decide how to provide students and employees access to your Tests.

Customizable Quiz Certificates

Can I create a certificate on ClassMarker? Of course, you can! You won't be creating just any old certificate. ClassMarker has many customizable options so that you can create and customize quiz certificates exactly to match your organization's requirements.

You will now notice a number beside each certificate on your Certificates page. This will tell you how many times a certificate has been applied to Tests. If you have applied the certificate to 6 different quizzes, this will show the number 6. Click on the number, and a window opens up to show you all Tests this certificate has been applied to.

What's next? Click on 'Settings' to the right of the test name, and we will take you automatically to the certificate options on the settings page.

It's now easier than ever to get to the certificate you need, to design and brand quiz certificates that your organization will be proud to give and your users proud to display.


A theme is used to brand your Test with your own organization's branding. With ClassMarker, quiz branding is available when assigning your Tests via Links.

With themes, you can apply branding to include company logos, page body background images, title text color, header background color, header width, header logo/text alignment, content alignment, page body background colors. You can even custom quiz button and links colors. It's all up to you!

On the Themes page, you will see how many times a theme has been applied to a Test link, to the right of the Theme name.

You would then do the same easy step as above for Access Lists and Certificates. If you see for example, 7 Links then simply click on '7 Links', a window will open to display the Test names and links that you have added the theme to. Next, click on 'settings' to the right of the Test name and you are instantly taken to the theme setting.

ClassMarker's quiz maker with branding is just what you need to finish your Tests with not only text and interactive quiz content, but with a professional and polished look, to match with your company.

As this is being written, our ClassMarker developers are working away to bring in a lot of new, exciting interactive, online quiz maker features and options. In between these major developments, our developers sneak in these small but very cool enhancements (they do this often) that have a pretty big impact as to how you will work within ClassMarker.

Determining how many items are applied and assigned and automatically taking you to that setting is going to make all you do in ClassMarker more efficient, faster and stress free!

Register Here to begin using ClassMarker today. Within minutes you will be on your way with creating secure, professional looking Tests, quizzes, assessments, surveys and exams.

Happy Testing!

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