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Training your sales staff to sell advertising for you means you need to be sure they know the products you offer.

Do you realize however, that all employees may at one time or other, be doing marketing for your company? At anytime any one of your staff members may be in a position where they are being asked about your products and services - the answers they provide to these questions may just be the answers that could bring in a new customer or keeps an existing customer. Unfortunately, the answer they give could also results in the losing of a potential customer if they do not know your products. Marketing and advertising staff training is a major component in the training program that you need to provide to all staff members. ClassMarker's stable, secure and customizable online sales training and testing platform can help you to meet all of your training and testing needs.

Training staff to sell advertising for you means your staff needs to:

Be skilled in your product - Face it, now with the internet being accessible to everyone - consumers can easily become just as knowledgeable about your products as you are, from just doing a little research online. The majority of people now will do their homework before they even come in contact with someone from your company and have the details they need already just from what they have seen and read online alone. So, it's crucial to ensure that all staff members that are in any type of position that has contact with your customers know your products inside and out in order to promote them well.

With ClassMarker, you can create custom marketing and advertising training quizzes for your staff to see just where they are at with product knowledge, as well as interactive timed quizzes on limited time offers, sales promotions, product and company branding, maybe run a contest to see who can can create a custom sales package to meet client needs. You may get some great ideas from employees that you never even considered to be part of your 'sales' team.

Product knowledge is how you can make all members of your staff your great sales team.

Sell without selling - Selling your products is not just about pushing something on a customer but knowing how to listen to the person or company's needs and developing a sales package that's going to fill those needs within the products you offer. The old selling technique, which involved pushing something on to a customer for the highest price whether they need it or not no longer works and let's face it, ethically is not right. Over the years, businesses have come to realize that cold calls and pushy sales are not what makes a consumer purchase a product or keep coming back as a repeat customer. It's corporate integrity - consumers want to go back to a company that has integrity and ethics, along with educating them with the knowledge they need to make the right purchasing decision that suits them, not the sales person. They want to purchase from a company they trust. When you provide your team with the correct amount of sales training, product knowledge and customer services skills which should include how to have genuine communication with a customer - sales tend to just happen naturally when trying not to 'sell'.

One question may come to mind however- are your employees retaining the information you provide them with? One way to easily find this out is to generate custom sales ability assessments and add these to the end of your training modules - this will help you to determine who needs may need further training.

Be skilled in customer service - Being able to talk with your customers and build a professional rapport through offering them great customer service and exceptional product knowledge. This is how your clients are going to spread your name. Being able to talk with your customers about questions they have about how these products work and being able to walk them through the finer details with confidence is the true mark of a great sales team.

Understand your Business Model - Every company's business model will vary and change from time to time. Do your employees know what your business model is? A great way to find this out is to just ask. Going around to all of your employees to find this out sounds like a pretty time consuming task however using ClassMarker, you can create a questionnaire on understanding business models with a simple essay question and then use our Links option to send out the Link to everyone's email. With using an Essay question for this, you can find out, in your staff's own words what their understanding of your Business Model is. They can simply click on the test link to provide their response. Once competed, these results will be available to you from your admin account, in an exported, detailed Excel sheet and/or you can have these emailed directly to your inbox.

How can ClassMarker assist you in training your employees to have the knowledge they require to promote your products with exceptional advertising and marketing skills?

With using ClassMarker, you are able to identify and analyze employee advertising and marketing skills, to see where they are at for both strengths and weaknesses. This will then allow you to see who the 'sales superstars' are and to also provide further training and possibly one on one coaching to those who may need it, thus then giving the skills needed to have all employees be a super star.

With ClassMarker, you can test your staff on new products and improvements to existing products with creating product knowledge quizzes. Let that super star in your office lead a product launch based on the best score in a product knowledge quiz.

Training your staff does not have to be just about providing them with endless literature for them to read. Make the marketing environment exciting where your staff wants to learn by providing them with training and tests that are interactive. Embed video, upload product images, add PowerPoint presentations on new products coming out - the possibilities are endless.

Get started today with creating your advertising sales training quizzes with ClassMarker's online professional assessment platform.

Happy Testing!

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