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The ClassMarker Team has some great news for our valued online testing customers: We have just launched new results statistics to provide enhanced analysis of user performance. The web-based application now incorporates results statistics that allow for improved analysis of results by category. Previously category results were available to view at overall user-group level; now detailed statistics are also available for overall test performance by category, and individual user performance by category.

By utilizing ClassMarker's custom categorization of questions and tests you can not only easily organize and sort your questions and tests, but you can also now filter your web-based quiz results by category providing meaningful feedback on your test-takers performance across different e-learning areas in their online tests.

The enhanced results by category statistics are in addition to the existing detailed results module where our customers can view results by test, by user group, by question and of course by individual.

Look out for the new category links across your results pages.

ClassMarker is an online quiz maker used by businesses and education organizations from across the globe. The application is a highly customizable online testing tool that allows our customers to provide web-based assessments that are accessed according to their exact distribution requirements. Online testing has seen a huge increase in popularity with the rise of e-learning and virtual classrooms - our customers have found ClassMarker to be the perfect tool for their online assessment needs due to the easy-to-use interface, seamless integration options and regular feature enhancements.

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