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With over 5,000 customers now using ClassMarker's upgraded online testing platform, plans are in place to transition all existing users to the new and improved version of ClassMarker.

The new testing interface has revamped ClassMarker's existing quiz maker functionality and boasts a series of improvements to ClassMarker's already award winning site design, including:

  • Interchangeable question fields so that test administrators no longer need to retype questions based on question type.
  • Interchangeable question fields.
  • A streamlined ability to add and remove questions from online tests.
  • An advanced Rich Text Editor, which includes the ability to upload files, images and video directly within questions.
  • Graphical results and statistics displays.
  • Individuals result layover windows to dynamically view group and individual results.

The quiz maker relaunch was implemented in response to the most frequently requested features by ClassMarker users and has seen overwhelmingly positive feedback from users since its release:

"The user interface is exactly what I want! The various tools are nicely and intuitively placed. Hats off to the team that designed it!"

"The new interface is great! The dashboard gives a nice overview of all my tests and questions and it seems to flow so much easier. Even adding questions are really easy now. It saves time by not having to go back and forth. GOOD JOB!!"


"Brilliant new interface. Well done - a fantastic improvement."

ClassMarker spent a considerable time user testing the new system before its launch and the overwhelming positivity of the feedback confirms its improved usability.

Following the success of ClassMarker's improved testing platform, keep an eye out for a series of exciting new announcements and feature releases that will continue to help our online testing customers deliver high quality, professional online testing.

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