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Do you have online tests you'd like to keep private, others that you'd like to share with colleagues, and perhaps even a few tests that you'd like to share with the ClassMarker community? By creating and storing your tests and questions on ClassMarker you are easily able to decide which of your web based exams should be kept private, and which can be shared.

To share online tests with your colleagues:
  1. Export your test - a .txt file will download to your computer.
  2. Send the file to your colleague.
  3. Your colleague can import the test to their ClassMarker account.

To share online tests with the ClassMarker community:
  1. Go to the Community section (under Tests).
  2. Here you can select which of your tests you'd like to share OR you can search for tests that other's from the ClassMarker community have shared.

Remember: The tests you create on ClassMarker will automatically remain private to your account unless you decide to share them.

Register here and start giving online exams today.

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