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Nonprofit organizations are an essential part of any community. And, just like Businesses and Educators that depend on using online Testing platforms to train and quiz customers, employees and students, NonProfits also rely on using these same tools within their organizations.

Non-profit organizations all over the world use ClassMarker's quiz maker for NonProfits.

What types of Tests are being conducted by our awesome non-profit users?
  • Quizzes for the general public to raise awareness
  • Tests for the on-going training of staff
  • Volunteer training
  • Pre-employment Testing for new staff members and volunteers
  • Quizzes for marketing to spread the word
  • Lead Generation - collecting names and/or email addresses
  • Branded Surveys for feedback
  • Questionnaires to collect data for board members and directors
  • Certification Testing with customizable certificates that are automatically generated

ClassMarker's quiz maker for charitable organizations is fully customizable, enabling you to create the type of Testing you require, for anyone within your organization - whether this be staff, volunteers, consumers, board members, directors, donors and more.

Whether the people within your organization are local or spread out across the world, it's ok because ClassMarker can be used anywhere in the world! All that is required is an internet connection. All major browsers and devices are compatible!

Do you have ten people that require Testing or 10,000? We can handle it! The ClassMarker system was built with reliability and stability in mind!

Non-Profit Discounts for ClassMarker's quiz creation tool:

ClassMarker offers both free and low cost quiz maker solutions, to meet your Testing needs! We have a free plan that is automatically given when you register under Education. We also offer affordable, flexible upgraded Professional Plans that are at a 50% discount for our non-profit customers. We have both monthly subscription options and yearly plans available. There are also credit packs that can be used for bulk or occasional Testing!

With any free or paid plan or credit pack, you also receive the highest level of customer support. We do not feel that you should have to pay more, when you need assistance! It's always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

With any upgraded plan or credit pack, you will also receive ALL upgraded features that ClassMarker offers. We also do not believe that you should have to pay extra to have access to additional options.

Check out all available features for both our free online tool for nonprofits and for upgraded plans and credit packs.

At ClassMarker, we do also realize that Testing is different for everyone. There may be times where you are not doing any Testing at all and that's ok. If you do not use us for awhile (we won't be offended), we will still make sure that everything within your account remains safe and secure. We will not charge you more for this either! You can then just come back when you do more Testing and pick up right where you left off!

There are no contracts to sign, we are GDPR compliant and you can remove your data at anytime you choose!

Sharing quizzes

One important part of any organization is spreading the word and getting your content out there. How do you share a quiz? ClassMarker offers different options for how you give your Tests - via Groups or Links.

Basically, with Groups, your users have a registered Test taker account that they login to. With Links, these are non-registered users.

You may have staff or volunteers that you Test on a regular basis, you could use Groups to register accounts for them. They would have their own login details to enter their account where they would have access to all new Tests made available to them. You can even send out notifications to an entire group when a new Test is available!

On the other hand, you may have quizzes or surveys you have going out to those users, such as the general public, or a feedback survey to your board members or a fun little quiz for marketing, this is where Links come in handy. With Links you can brand your Tests to match that of your organization. You can also include these links in blogs, social media sites, embed them into your webpages!

Anyway that you wish to set up your Tests, you can do so with ClassMarker!

If you are looking for a NonProfit online tool, for creating all of your Tests, quizzes and surveys, give ClassMarker a try today. We can offer you a professional, secure and stable solution by a company who has been doing this since 2006!

Happy Testing!

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