The benefits of online testing

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Moving assessments online may seem a daunting task, however the benefits online testing provides should be a good motivator for most teachers and instructors. From being able to create banks of questions and tests, to instant calculation and analysis of results, to flexible delivery methods and enriched test material with the ability to add online links, documents, images and videos, the advantages are obvious.

Assessing student learning at regular intervals is crucial in any educational environment. Through regular testing and reviews, instructors and teachers can monitor the progress of each student and then offer further materials and assistance where required. Regular testing not only helps instructors identify areas of learning weakness within individual students, but can also enable them to enhance the content and delivery of their subject matter.

Web based exams provide instructors and teachers with a flexible distribution channel that allows students to take tests wherever they may be. A big advantage to online testing is the time that can be saved when results are automatically and instantly calculated and communicated to both instructor and student. Instructors and teachers can then review results in real-time for meaningful analysis. Some systems, including ClassMarker, also allow for feedback to be automatically displayed for correct/incorrect answers.

When reviewing ClassMarker, you will find an easy-to-use quiz maker that is completely online, or in the 'cloud'. There is no need to worry about downloads, software requirements or regular maintenance. This is all managed by the ClassMarker Team.

With features such as time limits, instant feedback, add media to questions, accurate grading, the option to charge for your quizzes and many more settings, ClassMarker has you covered.

It's clear that online testing provides a great many benefits. By choosing the right system for your organization you can save time and improve the learning process.

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