Top 10 Lead Generation Ideas

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A relationship with your customers is important and one way to build this relationship, is by reaching out to your customers, to ensure that you are providing them with the products and services they want. In order to do this however, you need to get those customers to want to give you that information. A quiz with the right questions is not only great for allowing your users to give their feedback, it can also provide some entertainment if you get creative and it can educate users on your products and services. From this, you will be able to collect all of the information you need, including the gathering of email addresses which is a great way to increase your business leads.

There are many lead generation strategies, with online quizzes being one that is very effective.

Here are 10 reasons, why it's great using a quiz for lead generation.
  1. User Engagement - Engage your audience with a great interactive quiz, that includes images, documents, audio and video. With ClassMarker, you can create professional, smart looking quizzes and surveys that you will be happy to have your company name attached to.
  2. Find out about your customers - The answers that your customers can provide to you from completing an online quiz is a great way to learn exactly what your customers are looking for.
  3. Ask demographic questions - While your quiz questions can help you to learn more about what your customers have to say about your services and products, asking demographic questions will help you to learn more about your customers. Add up to 5 of these questions that will display prior to the quiz beginning. Choose between different answer option styles such as a text field for answers that require a larger amount of text, an input field for less text, drop-down answers that users can choose from or check boxes.
  4. Ask survey style questions - You can make these to include names and emails, only name, only email addresses or keep these as anonymous. Once results are in, export detailed results to analyze the collected data
  5. Receive Instant Results and Feedback -Generate instant results with your lead gen quiz, which means instant feedback sent back to you and your team.
  6. Boost traffic - Quizzes need to be shared. ClassMarker offers different methods for getting those quizzes out there. Add online quiz links to social media sites, blog posts, emails or embed quizzes right into your own web pages.
  7. Collect email addresses - Ask for an email address. These will be displayed on results within your administrator account, results exported to Excel, results that you receive via email. With ClassMarker, you will receive results for completed quizzes and for those still in progress. Create a quiz for email lead capture. Emails are collected at the beginning of a quiz which means you will still have this data, even if the quiz is not finished.
  8. Brand Awareness - Personalize quizzes to include your brand, with your company logo, a variety of question types to provide information on your brand witin those questions, multiple quiz settings, customized feedback during your quiz and and at the end of it. It's your brand and your quiz should match that of your brand.
  9. Auto generated certificates/vouchers - Say thank you to your customers for doing your survey with certificates that you can fully customize to offer as vouchers for free products or a percentage off. The ability to fully customize your certificates allows for you to be very creative when making your certificates. If you choose to email survey results, the certificate download link will be sent to users in their email, to print at a time when convenient for them.
  10. Send users to your website - Place a redirect button on Results pages to direct users back to your own website or anywhere that you choose.

Keep your quizzes short, entertaining and with the key questions that you want answers for. With ClassMarker, when making a quiz or creating a survey to generate leads, you can also include an Introduction area. You can use this to make your customers feel at ease by providing some information, as to the purpose for the collection of their information.

Use different quizzes for different products and services. You can apply the same branding to all quizzes with the click of a button or apply different branding to each one.

Quickly edit and update your quizzes at anytime. No need to change the quiz links wherever they are posted. Your quizzes and links are updated immediately.

ClassMarker is the best quiz lead generation tool, to enable you to connect with your customers, while gathering the information you require.

Happy Testing!

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