The benefits of group testing online

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ClassMarker is a sophisticated and flexible online testing system that works across a vast range of customer requirements.

Our customizable web-based assessment application enables customers to build up banks of questions and tests. Each test can then be assigned (distributed) in any number of different ways - the same underlying test can be provided to multiple groups of users, each with customized settings.

For example:
  • You may want one group of users to access your test on Monday, where the questions are displayed in random order, and you only allow one attempt.
  • You may also want a different group of users to access the same underlying test the following Wednesday, but instead you'd like all questions to be displayed in the same order for each user, and you may wish for users to be allowed 3 attempts.

Because the same assessment can be provided to different user groups with different customized settings we end up with a very versatile system. And the great thing for you, the administrator, is that each set of group results can be analyzed separately.

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