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What is a good alternative to the My grade book website for teachers and schools?
ClassMarker is your perfect choice.

ClassMarker allows teachers and schools to easily create virtual classes online. Each Class (which we call groups) allow you to register your students to give each student their own username and password, then once you create your online test and quizzes, you can easily give classes access to the tests you want them to take.

ClassMarker grades the online exams for you instantly, even allowing you to select to show students their results instantly on completion. You can then log into ClassMarker at any time to view all students grades, and even view grades, by test, by user and by category to analyse problem areas.

ClassMarker has many customizable quiz maker settings that can be edited even after tests have been assigned (distributed).
Just like, ClassMarker gives you:
  • Instant grading and results for both instructors and students
  • Rich text question types including multiple choice, short answer, punctuation/language checking, true/false, essay (free/open text) and more on the way.
  • Import questions
  • Media/image/document uploading
  • Export results
  • Private sharing of tests with other instructors you know
  • Create groups of users to assign (distribute) tests to; or, create links to your tests
  • A huge range of customizable quiz maker settings
  • No software installation required
  • Tests can be taken on a range of devices including smart phones, iPhones, iPads as well as PCs
  • Create custom certificates
  • Brand test pages
  • All student data, tests and results are kept private (even the free accounts)
  • Utilize the ClassMarker API to download results automatically and integrate with your organization's internal systems

Create unlimited questions and tests.

Each time you assign (distribute) your exams the exam settings can be different. It's possible to give the same test to different groups of users in multiple ways (selecting different time limits, results views, etc). ClassMarker's flexibility was built knowing that each of our customers have unique online testing requirements.

Register here and start giving online exams today.

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