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Whether you have caterers, a restaurant or a franchise of restaurants, there will always be some form of testing required, whether it be recruitment testing for new employees, on-going staff training/testing or possibly gathering customer feedback. With ClassMarker's secure online quiz maker, you can achieve all of this in a quick yet efficient way.

Are you looking to hire new staff? ClassMarker is a great recruitment tool. Simply create your pre-employment tests for either 'general' help or for specific positions. Once your candidate completes their test, the results are graded instantly, saved in ClassMarker and can be emailed directly to you.

With ClassMarker's pre-selection tool, assessing a candidate's knowledge of skills has become even easier. We have implemented a new feature, which allows you to email quiz results and certificates directly to your test-takers. What does this mean for recruitment testing? If your candidate passes, you can set your tests to automatically email them their results with custom feedback and direct them to another possible test, to your website and/or to contact you to move forward. As well, you can instantly get back to those that may not be a good fit for your company - if these users fail, the system can direct them elsewhere and/or display a custom feedback message to let them know they were not successful in meeting your requirements. Optionally display their score and graded questions to the user at the end of the test and/or have these results emailed to them.

How to train restaurant staff
For on-going staff training, create your own tailor-made tests. Testing restaurant staff not only assesses the skills that they already have, but also trains them as they progress through the tests. One option to train and test at the same time - add your own training manuals into your tests.

Wouldn't it be nice to know that the person you are about to leave in charge of your kitchen and therefore the reputation of your restaurant has the proper chef training and qualifies to give your diners a wonderful experience? In most fine dining restaurants, you will have one Head Chef and multiple Line Cooks who train under your Chef. All skills tested have to be graded, which can be done efficiently, using ClassMarker's tools to assess skills with.

Maybe you would like to create a series of tests that your employees will have to complete. With ClassMarker, you can give multiple tests in a specific order and as well you can even provide these employees with a certificate at the end of any test or only after completing multiple tests.

Safe Food Handling training is a priority of any dining establishment and should be a skill all restaurant employees should have full knowledge and understanding of. See where your staff is at with these skills by generating your own custom made online restaurant refresher tests.

Other types of restaurant training that you can create tests for include Cross Contamination Prevention testing - do all of your employees know the do's and dont's? Test their knowledge. And how about Proper Food Handling training or Internal Food Temperature testing? The safety of your diners is of the utmost importance. Do you question whether those in charge of food preparation know their stuff? Let ClassMarker help you find that answer by using our online staff training system.

Let's not forget about the Front House Service Staff, who are the picture of your restaurant. Everyone involved in the experience your diners will have is the face of your establishment and should have the skills to make that experience memorable. Restaurants have multiple levels of wait staff from Hosts/Hostesses, Bus Boys/Girls, Waitresses/Waiters, Servers and bar staff - all of these staff members are part of one team and require proper wait staff training. Service is the goal of the team you have in place and testing the abilities of your team can easily be achieved when using ClassMarker for your front of the house training. Personal Hygiene tests, Proper Service Techniques, Smart Serve mock testing, greeting and service, Clearing of Tables - all of these are just a few areas that your service staff should be trained in. With ClassMarker's online testing platform these skills can be evaluated whether you are a small family restaurant or a larger Franchise restaurant.

Create a Customer feedback Survey
Restaurant Staff Testing is a very important aspect of having a restaurant, but equally important is the Customer Feedback. Overall, the goal should be that your customers have a wonderful experience. Did you know that you are able to use ClassMarker as a customer feedback tool? This will help to track how your restaurant or franchise is doing.

A customer feedback review that can be done online will allow your customers to quickly provide you with their feedback and at the same time this will drive more customers to your website. A link can be added to your restaurant's website, that will allow customers to take a Customer Experience survey right from their mobile device. With ClassMarker's quiz maker, you can also embed your survey directly into a web page on your website and whitelabel your exams and surveys with your own company logos and colors

There was a study done that shows on average, people tend to check their phones 150 times a day. Providing a way for customers to give their feedback online and from their mobile device is simple, quick and convenient. Looking for personalized feedback, create a customer feedback review using our Essay style question type. This will provide the user with a text box to give feedback in their words.

Another option is to make a customer feedback survey using multiple choice questions on the service they were given. (For customer surveys/reviews, you can choose to not have these graded and no results will show except for your custom feedback message). You can also set these up so that your customers remain anonymous. Get creative and use ClassMarker for testing customer satisfaction.

As you have read, there are many ways that you can use the ClassMarker system for your restaurant testing needs. We also have customer support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have or if you need help as to the best way to set up your tests.

Happy Testing!

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