Custom Certificates: Upload your own background

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Create custom certificates for your online quizzes and exams.

With ClassMarker you can design and add your own background image to certificates, giving you a fully branded certificate students can download.

And not only that, we also have over 50 themes to choose from when creating your custom certificate, here are just a few samples for you to see:

Customize Quiz Certificates

Our certificate editor allows you to customize all the text within your certificate (including Multiple language support), as well as dynamically include: The test takers Name, Test name, Test score and the Date the test was taken.

Create Custom Certificates

You can also drag and drop certificate headings and text to any position to give your designer more freedom and control when creating your background image.

Select to have your certificates given in Landscape or Portrait mode.

Create Custom Certificates

Download our Certificate designer pack to send to your web designer which contains both a template and instructions to help them easily create a custom background image.

Register here and start giving online exams today.

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