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Businesses and Educators have a growing requirement to give exams online, but do not want users going through the distractions of both leaving their website and having to register for yet another website, just to take their online exam.

ClassMarkers easy online quiz maker software provides multiple ways to give your exams online, including the ability to embed your ClassMarker exams seamlessly within your own website, while tracking your websites users and their test results.

The option we will talk about today is the use of our popular Links feature to easily give your exams.

Links (among other options) allows you to give your exams to students or staff members without the need for them to first register with ClassMarker or even know they are taking their online exam using ClassMarkers advanced online testing software. Because ClassMarker allows you to fully brand your online quizzes, students or staff members do not see references to ClassMarker.

Lets have a quick look at the steps involved from your Test takers perspective, then we'll see how easy our online quiz solution is to get set up to start testing today.

Embedded test taker experience:
  1. Your Test taker will be on your website
  2. Your website will direct them to the webpage you have embedded your online exam on
    Embed an online quiz in your website or blog
  3. Your Test taker will start their exam directly in your website. At this point, if you have set a price to Sell your online quiz access, users will be prompted to pay before they can continue. You can also use other Access Restriction options if required
  4. After finishing the exam, Test takers can view their results if you allow, as well as download a certificate (and payment receipt if charging for your online exam)
  5. You can also set a Link in ClassMarker for Test takers to click to continue on to another page on your website, which could be the next Embedded Exam they take or the next section of your Online course

How to embed exams on your website:
  1. After your Create your online quiz in ClassMarker
  2. Assign your quiz via our Links Option to give users access
  3. Optionally choose to pass user ids from your system to ClassMarker via the Embed code provided by ClassMarker.
    ClassMarker will then save their user id along with their test results which can be imported back into your system. More on our Quiz maker API options
  4. Or you can simply pass the Test takers name to ClassMarker to track their Test results with

Now Test takers can easily take your online exams directly from your website without the need to register with ClassMarker.

Register here and start giving online exams today.

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